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Here's How Men Get Their Wives' Sex Drives Revving

It's said that getting married has a lot of advantages. It shows commitment. It creates a more stable environment to have kids. It makes people less likely to cheat. Hell, some countries even give you tax benefits.

But with marriage comes a problem: your sex life gets a little slow. When you've been with the same person for a number of years, the relationship loses its passion and intimacy. Couples stop getting physical on a regular basis and fall into a life of routine. Husbands and wives become unhappy because neither are sexually gratified, and before they know it, they're sitting with a therapist talking about where it all went wrong.

Sure, this isn't true for every marriage, but the classic image of a bickering couple trapped in an unhappy marriage is classic for a reason.

So the question is - how do you stop yourself falling into this trap? How do you maintain a happy wife, happy life? How do you keep your sex life passionate and fulfiling?

Well, a lot of couples are finding that spicing things up in the bedroom can help turn marriages from mundane to white-hot. How do they do this? Quite simply, they share.

That’s right. Couples who share report much higher levels of happiness than non-sharing couples. Exactly why? We're not sure, but in this article, we're going to look into the kinky sex lives of the husbands and wives who share their spouses.

Why Do Men Share Their Wives?

Introducing a third person into your sex games is sometimes considered a step too far for some couples, perhaps even taboo. It’s natural for people to feel jealous whenever their spouse shows attention to someone else, especially if that attention involves penetrative sex.

But the reality is that everyone, marriage or no marriage, has that fantasy of having sex with someone new. Sometimes, this takes the form of infidelity, with husbands and wives going out to find extra-marital sex on the side. Obviously, we don’t encourage this at all. It’s an unhealthy way to confront any feelings you might have. And while it may provide short-term gratification, you're running the risk of ruining your marriage for the sake of sex.

Consensual sharing, on the other hand, is a much healthier way to approach these feelings. You might be surprised exactly how many couples engage in this kind of behavior, but packed swingers clubs the world over speak for themselves.

While one husband might get off on seeing his wife have sex another man, another husband might do it because it gives him the opportunity to sleep with others too. There's no one reason for wanting to share; it all depends on your own personal circumstances.

One common reason for wife sharing is that many men enjoy the feeling of jealousy it provides. Much like the way a lot of guys enjoy being a submissive in a BDSM type environment, some men enjoy mental submission rather than physical submission. Seeing a wife being pounded by someone bigger and stronger will reduce the husband to beta status, a this can provide a cathartic release for the husband in question.

Another popular reason, and maybe the most common, is that some guys still just want to see their partner sexually satisfied. Many women will voice their dissatisfaction with only being able to sleep with one partner, which then leads to the marriage exploring the sharing lifestyle.

Types Of Sharing Relationships

You would think that wife sharing is a straight forward issue. Not quite. Not all sharing relationships are equal. They all come with different rules, so It’s important to know the difference between them.

The first and most common is a swinging relationship. Swinging allows both the husband and wife to have sex with other people, sometimes at the same time as part of group sex, sometimes individually at separate times. It all depends on their personal rules. Swinging relationships are very much based on trust. It's rare for one half of the relationship to sleep with someone else and not tell their partner.

The next is a hotwife relationship. This one pops up on porn sites a lot. In a hotwife relationship, only the woman goes out and has sex with other men. Her husband is perfectly fine with this arrangement and usually encourages his wife's slutty behavior. Once again, the husband has to trust his wife completely so that she won't go beyond the boundaries which the couple have set.

Lastly is the famous cuckold arrangement. In the eyes of society, a cuckold is a weak, beta guy who is unable to satisfy his wife's sexual needs, so she goes elsewhere, usually humiliating and belittling her poor husband in the process. However, in reality, cuckold relationships aren't really like this. That's just something that happens in porn. Truthfully, the whole cuckold relationship is basically long-term role play. The husband often encourages his wife to fuck around, whilst enjoying the humiliation he receives either before, during or after she's gone out and had sex.

The Saucy World Of Wife Sharing

Not only does sharing help improve the sex life of struggling couples, but there's actually quite another, more-obvious advantage to the whole thing.

It means there are even more slutwives out there looking for sexual pleasure. If you’re single, then usually your pool of potential fuck partners is limited to single women or women who are looking to cheat. The latter of which is a very limited number of ladies.

But with the growing number of sex-starved women out there on the search for a good fuck by someone other than their husbands, it means there are more women to choose from for you. And not only that, but these babes won't ask for anything more than sex from you. You don't need to take them to dinner or meet your family. They don't want anything emotional, just a one-time sex session that leaves them satisfied.

Now, the question is - where best to find these misbehaving, slutty babes?

Hooking Up With A Naughty Wife

It’s not easy to find a swing wife or a hotwife in the real world. It’s pretty rare to come across one in the wild due to the need for discretion and privacy. These men and women don't want their lifestyles paraded around for the world to see every time they hit a bar or a club.

However, the best place to find these willing ladies, at least in the real world, is at a swingers club. Don't let the name put you off. It’s not just swingers who hit these establishments. Single men and single ladies also make their presence known too, making it the perfect place to find these highly-sexual wives.

If you do visit a swingers club for the first time, make sure you hit it at the right day and time. Most clubs have different themed nights like gay night, bi night, fetish night, etc.

Getting started in the world of sex swinging can definitely feel like a big hurdle, but it doesn’t have to. Remember, all of the people there will be open-minded and judgement free. Just talk, be your self, don't hold back. Discuss your desires and your sexual preferences, and you might get lucky.

The other obvious answer to finding a naughty wife is to look online. Since online fuck apps are the new thing in sexual fulfilment, you can be sure that there are a few dedicated to the art of cheating, hotwifing and swinging.

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