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New app redefines TNA Board - allows local users to find and fuck each other within 24 hours.

Escort Services On TNAboard - Real Or Scam?

The escort industry hasn't had it easy over the past few years. Since new laws passed in 2018, it's been a struggle for escorts to find sites to peddle their service.

Every so often, a new website pops up, claiming it will give escorts and clients unrestricted access to each other's details. However, not many have delivered on their claims.

But TNABoard is the new kid on the block. Not only does TNABoard claim to be one such website, but it also doubles as an escort reviews forum, allowing members to discuss every illicit encounter they take part in.

And no, TNA doesn’t stand for what you think. TNABoard claims to uncover the Truth iN Advertising. But do they live up to that hype, or are they just another breeding ground for scams and jilted customers?

First Impressions

From the get-go, looks like a version of Adult Friend Finder for escort services. A sultry photo of the Highlighted Provider Profile greets you front and center, with other top providers’ featured beside them. Most are total knockouts actively looking for clients around whichever US state they're in. TNABoard seems to be based in the Pacific Northwest; Washington is even divided by east and west. There’s a focus on all the western states from Alaska down to Arizona and an entire section dedicated to service providers in Death Valley.

From the start, TNA Board is down to business, servicing clients and providers alike up and down the west coast.


TNA Board only seems to get better as you dive into the details – especially if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, where the website users are the most active. In the site’s more popular states, you can browse through specific subheaders like... 

  • Provider Posts
  • Fetish Posts
  • LMA and LMS
  • Weekend Posts
  • Escort Reviews
  • Client Reviews
  • ISO
  • Discussions
  • Alerts

While other states may not be as detailed as the west coast, you can still find goodies in other regions of the United States by clicking the small buttons on the top right that say, “Go Central” or “Go East.” There, you’ll see more states in your area. This convenient search feature helps you only browse cuties more or less in driving distance, so those of you willing to do a little travelling can have a higher chance of meeting that special someone who fulfills your fantasies.

When you find a babe you’re into, their profile is chock full of juicy details. Not only will you see some sexy photos, stats, contact deets and available hours (discreetly featured in links to email or PM them), but you also have access to any alerts they’ve sent or received. Alerts are essentially bad reviews. They’re essential; if fifteen people have complained about this provider being a no-show, or the provider seems to have drama with every client they come across, you know to steer clear. On the flip side, profiles also feature all a worker’s references and “vouches,” so if other people have enjoyed their services, you’ll know you’re basically guaranteed to have a stellar time. Of course, you should always give newbies a chance, even if they haven’t gotten any reviews yet. A girl’s gotta get a start somehow, right?


One of the best things about TNABoard is that you don't have to pay a penny.

If you’re just curious, TNA Board is free to browse without signing up. However, this site values workers’ privacy just as highly as clients’, and because of that, you have to be a verified member to look at escort profiles and access their contact information. Thankfully, registration is free, and if you’re really concerned for your safety, you can always use a throwaway email address (that’s what I did). Once you sign up, you’re then free to view profiles, create a new post and review your experiences all without paying a dime.


From what I can see, workers and clients alike seem to really love TNABoard. For both parties, it’s a viable option to make connections, give and receive reviews, and otherwise find exactly what you’re longing for. Unlike USA Sex Guide, which is brimming with a list of toxic, negative reviews of workers (with no ability for an escort to promote herself), TNA Board thrives on mutual respect. And it really shows in this vibrant and supportive online community.

The rules and regulations page on the website helps guarantee as healthy and honest of an environment as possible for sex workers and their sweet clients alike. Both clients and providers are treated with a healthy dollop of respect, and everyone is welcome to share their feelings and services on TNA Board. The only people who are banned? Pedophiles, racists, homophobes, or any other similar kinds of jerks. 

It makes sense. When we’re all sharing something as sensitive as our desires and sexual proclivities, don’t we want to be treated nicely?

TNA Board even has a strict anti-spam policy, so if you’re a customer, don’t worry about getting hammered by ads by the same one provider. Likewise, workers won’t find themselves stuck competing with frustrating folks posting their ads about fifty times in a row..

This site is what sex work and escort services should be: there’s nobody shaming anybody, positivity and communication are the norm, and there’s a genuine sense of workers and clients building something safe and honest together. Call me an idealist, but isn’t that how business models should be? Clients and service providers working together happily to forge a great space for everyone. In the world of sex work, you couldn’t ask for a happier outcome.


As with any site like and that engages in such a sensitive topic, you still need be smart out there. The alerts section on each profile really helps. Always cross reference your providers and ask for a link to their service website or other ads. In addition, read up on how to be a good client that makes the worker happy. It will make a lot of difference.

Also, only really works for those local to the west coast. And even then, mostly only in Oregon and Washington. When you click “go central,” you can only search in Illinois, Texas, and Georgia. And remember the Death Valley subcategory I mentioned? There hasn’t been a single post since 2016.

You might also see a few fakes dotted around the site, but that's pretty standard for any hookup page these days.


If you’re looking for a top notch time and want to stay as safe as possible during your hookup, there’s no better place than TNABoard for finding a premium escort in the Pacific Northwest.

For any other city in the US, TNA Board is quality enough that you should be putting in the work and review providers as often as possible. All in all, this site is a catch and a half. You'll find it packed with singles, escorts and just a tonne of women looking to connect. It gives escorts access to a high number of potential clients, and vice versa. TNABoard isn't quite the new Backpage, but it does a decent job of hooking up west coast locals.