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Believe it or not, swinging actually dates back centuries ago. There are heiroglyphics on Egyptian tombs which depict men sharing their wives with other men, suggesting that the ancients shared the same views towards kinky sex as we do in today's world.

And more interestingly, this pattern actually repeats throughout history. Hundreds of different cultures have expressed similar views too, and although many things have changed since 4000 years ago, couples are still sharing each other in the modern age, perhaps more so than ever.

In fact, modern views towards sexual promiscuity means that the swing lifestyle is thriving. In every city in the world, you can bet that there's some swing related action going down in clubs and bedrooms every night of the week.

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Why Do Couples Swing?

First and foremost, there's a very obvious answer to this question which we'll get out the way immediately. Swingers have very relaxed views towards sex, and they do it because it gives them the opportunity to fuck other people. One of the biggest regrets of people who've been married all their lives is that they never had the chance to screw around, so this lifestyle lets them experience new things whilst still having the comfort net of a husband or wife to support them.

When a man shares his wife with someone else, it's the ultimate display of trust. For the women involved, her sexual needs are fulfilled multiple times over, not to mention she'll get views and attention coming at her from all angles. A shared wife gets to show off her skills with as many men as she likes, so you can guarantee she'll be wearing a permanent smile on her face, and perhaps come home with a sore vagina every so often.

For the men involved, they get to fuck around too. However, it's important to note that a in lot of swinger relationships, it's only the women who goes out and gets laid. This is where the lifestyle overlaps with cuckold, hotwife and stag/vixen views, and the differences between these and a swing-relationship are minimal. The end result is always the same: the woman goes out to get fucked while the man doesn't.

Wife Swing Porn Videos

If you head over to any porn videos site right now and search for 'swing', 'hotwife', or 'man views wife fucking' you'll find literally hundreds of thousands of videos, channels and hotwife related content.

The big daddy of porn videos sites, Pornhub, boasts nothing short of 2000 videos in the swing niche. If you filter the results by most views, you'll find some cheating hotwife videos with somewhere around 30 million views each. That means there's a lot of guys out there who want and crave this kind of related content.

When it comes porn videos in the swing related category, most of the videos you'll find are amateur, real life people filming their personal sexual adventures for internet views. For example, just check out SwingerPornFun.com, one of the more popular free videos sites with an average of 10 million views per day. Almost every video is homemade by a kinky couple who want to document their sharing experiences. You won't find any pro pornstars here, just naughty wives partaking in some sexy hotwifing action.

Another similar porn videos site is SharingMyWife.pro, another page which gets around 7-8 million views per day. This site dedicates itself more to the hotwife and cuckold crowd, with categories ranging from 'anal', 'big tits' and 'MILF' to more specific categories like 'date night interracial' and 'creampie clean up.' Swing related sites are actually hard to come by, but if it's free videos with millions of views, daily uploads and no ads, this is the best free site there is.

Hooking Up With A Swinger Wife

Despite what porn videos show you, just hitting the clubs in the hopes of meeting a woman like this is pretty slim. You'll just be wasting your time. Give it ago by all means, but actually finding a swingwife in a bar or club is very difficult.

Due to the need for discretion in the swing community, people have to use more lowkey means to find their fuck partners. Many years ago, they used to place ads in phone booths in the hope they'd get some local views, but these days, it's all done online.

However, it's hard for swing wives to use big sites like Tinder to advertise their hunt for cock, because they run the risk of outing themselves as sexually adventurous to people who know them. Therefore, they use more discreet fucksites where the only views they'll be getting is from like-minded kinksters who share similar views towards sex.

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