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Mega Personals is dead - New app allows local users to find and fuck each other within 24 hours.

Is MegaPersonals Legit Or A Scam? Full Review

In the years since Backpage was taken down, we’ve all been wondering where the legit escorts go to post their essential services to us regular Joes. Thankfully, other websites have picked up where Backpage left off, and they are just as dedicated to facilitating a sexy and discreet time you won’t forget.

Enter MegaPersonals, a classified content website very similar to Backpage and the much-loved Craigslist personals. The website description advertises the page as MegaPersonals; classified hookups, so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

But is MegaPersonals one that stacks up, or is it just a site that lets bots and catfishers  feed off horny old saps? We took a deep dive into to find out the truth. Read on for our full review.

First Impressions

As soon as you walk through the virtual door, you know ain’t messing around. All good hookups and escort sites place a hard emphasis on anonymity, and is no different. When you first land on the site, you’re immediately asked to verify that you’re nineteen or older, and just like that, you’re in. You can then choose from four different regions: Canada, U.S., Europe, and Oceania.

Besides the saucy devilish mascot they feature, one thing I enjoy about is that they give you multiple cities to choose from per state or region. Instead of making you scour through every single escort across New York state, you can now whittle it down to only the cuties in Rochester, if that’s all you need. The website is streamlined and the content is structured very well. Search results can be filtered down easily and the website uses 'tags' to categorize posts (much like Twitter hash tags).

With this attention to detail and dedication to the utmost discretion, ensures you’re good to go – enter the world of babes who are down to play if you’re willing to pay.


This site is mostly for countries where the majority speaks English, so if you’re traveling internationally, you’re better off trying a site like CityxGuide. Once you’ve chosen your location, becomes an incredibly simple service – and in the sticky world of navigating escorts, that’s a good thing. Rather than wowing you with bells and whistles that could distract you from finding the person you want to hook up with this week (or distract you from spotting a scam), Mega Personals gets right down to business. 

Once you’ve selected your city, you’re greeted by a page with five options to choose from:

  • Women Seeking Men
  • Men Seeking Women
  • Men Seeking Men
  • Women Seeking Women
  • Trans*

The layout of the site is so simple that any old boomer could navigate it. You don't need any technical know-how and you don't have to sync it with your Google account or Amazon Alexa. It's mostly text-based navigation which no frills.

The content on is then posted in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent available honey is on there front and center just for you. However, don’t think that an older ad means the escort is unavailable; escorts are here for the hustle, and they’re happy to answer all your inquiries.

Looking through the ads, you’ll see there’s a lot of flexibility on this site. Post are as detailed or vague as the escort decides to be. Sometimes, that means you’ll have to do a little messaging to uncover the spicy details you need. 

One thing all the ads have in common? Sexy photos, contact information, and a basic rundown of what they’re willing to do with you.


Anyone using to search for a local hottie are in luck. There’s not a dime you need to spend while browsing these pages, and in fact, everything on this site is totally free. Since anonymity is king on, you don’t need to surrender any personal information – including your bank account details. 

If you’re looking to post an escort ad, it’s still your lucky day: posting is as free as can be as well, with no hidden fees or extra charges to worry about. is a conduit that connects escorts and clients, and instead of charging either party, they let the clicks pay for themselves. The entire website is free to use. The only point where payment comes in is if you click an affiliate link to another website, and that website charges.

For example, you might search for escorts and find an advertisement for a page with porn content, camshow content, etc. These sites might ask you for credit card details before you can venture onwards.


There’s a lot of good in MegaPersonals’ corner: it’s free, it values anonymity, and it’s not overly hyped up with tons of unnecessary distractions. I like that you can search not only by state, but by city, enabling you to find local cuties who will unleash your wildest fantasies without too much of a hassle or commute. With such low-risk when it comes to just browsing, there’s no harm in dipping your toes in with


Unfortunately, although browsing through is risk-free, there are legal concerns once you start negotiating. If you’re in the U.S., sex work is still (wrongly) criminalized. Be cautious when you’re meeting up with someone (either as an escort or a client), because you run the risk of being part of a sting operation. Verify the person’s identity by opting for people who have personal links posted in their ad, like their professional Twitter or escort ads posted on different pages. The more ways you can identify someone’s online personality, the safer you both will be.

Aside from cops, you have to look out for bots as well. You don’t want to waste your time with a catfisher or bot that will take all of your money without a single meeting taking place. To keep yourself safe, do exactly what you do to avoid cops: cross-verify people’s identities whenever possible, so you know they’re found on different sites with the same contact information. 

If you’re in the U.S., know this: the FOSTA-SESTA laws are hard at work silencing the voices and legitimate transactions of escorts and their clients, so even if this site is great for you right now, there’s always a chance of it being shut down by these new and aggressive U.S. laws. Keep your head up, look alive, and have several sites to shop (or work) from in your back pocket, so you’re never left out in the cold on short notice. For now, develop a good relationship with the escorts you meet, and make sure you keep in touch, so you can see them again whenever you need, with or without

Lastly, some postings on link to websites with shady content. We don't just mean sites trying to sell you used cars, either. There


MegaPersonals Classified Hookups is a decent alternative to the gaping hole left by Backpage and Craigslist content. Over the years, there's been many a website which claims to be 'the new Backpage' but very few have managed to capture the magic of the classic classified website.

Be professional, be discreet, and cross-check all the cuties that come your way. While no site is perfect in the escort world, this site really does offer quality and free posts for short notice pleasure. It's as close to a alternative as you'll find. It's not an interactive masterpiece by any standards (you won't be able to use Alexa to find a hookup for you), but as far as adult content goes, it's one of the best sites that have come around in years.