New app allows local users to find and fuck each other within 24 hours.

Is Fish4hoes Legit? Best Sex App For 2020

We’re all looking for a fun-loving thot to spice up our night this weekend. Playing on all the promises of your most tantalizing fantasies, Fish4Hoes promises that finding a babe to hook up for hot, hot sex will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

If you’re looking for wild women who just can’t wait, is Fish4Hoes a legit app, or is it just yet another scam in a sea of swindles? Read on for our honest review of this new dating site.

First Impression

Let me put it this way: if first impressions could kill, Fish4Hoes would have me dead on arrival – and not in a good way. For starters, the name itself is enough to make me cringe. In this era where every one of us has been catfished before, the name really doesn’t sell. 

This app's name is the least of our problems, however. When you type your way over to, you quickly learn that this page doesn’t even exist. Instead, you’re automatically redirected to MeetWild, a saucy hookup app that promises to deliver “extra-naughty local women” looking for “boiling hot sexting, down-and-dirty chatting, and good old hookups.”

While all that sounds rad, I have my doubts. It gives me some serious pause when hookup sites write only in a way that caters to straight men (before you even create a profile and set your gender and sexuality).

I question it only from a very logical standpoint. Why would a straight woman ever sign up for the chance to meet “extra-naughty local women?” If was really geared towards hooking horny people up with each other, their site would have language with a little more grey area, so men and women were turned on and ready to sign up.

Ignoring this red flag and plowing forward, I dove in to see if MeetWild / Fish4Hoes was really up to par, or if I was just wasting my time with no hope of ever getting laid. 

Spoiler alert: as I dug deeper, it only got worse.


Like most hookup sites out there, MeetWild (not Fish4Hoes) features a front page loaded with profiles bursting with hot and sexy pictures. As soon as you sign up, you’re invited to create your profile with all the usual deets: age, height, interests, body type, and location. If you’re like me, you can skip it all (even uploading a picture) and just browse with a completely blank profile.

In addition to scrolling through all the singles nearby, you can send and receive emails with matches, or use instant messages for quick communication. Once you connect with a few people, you can even scroll through your feed to see what everyone has to say or what their recent photo updates are. If you’re looking to talk now, you can dive into online chatrooms for a real spicy time. Virtually all of these features will cost you a premium membership fee.

Of course, these fantastic features would be well worth the price if anyone on were real. Almost none of them are. Despite having a totally blank profile, I was bombarded almost immediately with flirty chats and emails from “horny women” who said provocative things to me. Even though that sounds like exactly what I signed up for, the reality is that there was nothing in my profile to convince beautiful women I was a catch. What this means is that they’re using a whole lot of bots and catfishers to convince poor saps to fork over cash. 

Naturally, you ave to sign up for a paid membership in order to message these hot, hot ladies back. In the world of scams, MeetWild is a classic, employing every trick in the book to dupe you into signing up stat.


If you aren’t as turned off by those warning bells as I am, you can still sign up for a membership at one of four different price points:

  • 3 Day Trial for $4.24 (automatically converts to a monthly membership)
  • One Month for $27.99
  • 3 Months for $56.97
  • 6 Months for $95.94

Be careful! Sites like these automatically set you up to automatically rebill you – so if you try MeetWild out one month and see firsthand that it’s a total scam, be prepared to jump through their hoops and cancel well ahead of time to avoid being charged.


I honestly am struggling to come up with a single pro that is worth mentioning when everything else is taken into consideration. I got nothing. has almost no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Perhaps worst of all, it's shadiness is obvious right from the get go.


There’s a lot to unpack about, the site that’s really MeetWild. The scams and bots are a major tip off revealing that this site is nothing like it claims to be. This isn’t a far-fetched accusation;i that they straight up admit to using catfishers in the fine print of their Terms and Conditions. 

When you scroll through, you’ll see that they openly admit to creating employee-run profiles. These fake women are the ones messaging you before you sign up, tricking you into believing real, hot women are horny and begging to flirt. 

What’s more, MeetWild also send messages, “winks,” and other push notifications on behalf of other profiles. Translation: any real profiles that are on the site are also used by catfishers and bots to drum up activity.

The worst part of all this is that does it for the sole purpose of convincing you to spring for a totally useless membership, since the site oh so conveniently doesn’t allow users to read these messages or access the chats until they upgrade. So as a new, free member, you see message after message coming in, attached to mega-hot singles, and you have no way to open them unless you pay. 

Hook, line, and sinker.


Fish4Hoes/MeetLive is a scam. Avoid this site at all costs.

There's nothing here that's genuine. You won't find what you want. Hell, you won't even find a real person on here. The content on is geared towards attracting lonely singles and scamming them out of their cash. Everything about this dating site is fake and a complete waste of your precious time.

You'd be much better off trying to link up with someone in real life. Or better yet, you might want to try a real dating app, like, OKCupid or Happn.