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Adult Finder - Does It Work? Honest Review

If you've spent any time in the adult dating scene, you'll know that there's no shortage of hookup sites out there. Or at least, sites which claim to be hookup sites. But we all know how many scams and fake apps there are out there, so how do you know which ones are legit and which ones are just shit?

You've probably heard of Adult Friend Finder by now. It's one of the most advertised and popular sites in the adult dating world and claims to be the best one on the market. The site is all about sex, and that's obvious right from the get go. It's a platform for adults to connect with other people who looking for some no-commitment fun, and offers some unique ways to bring like-minded people together.

But can AFF back up its claims of being the best hookup site out there? Fear not, because we've compiled everything you need to know about the site. Read on for our honest review.

First Impressions

Adult Friend Finder definitely looks streamlined and professional from first glance. The site is expertly laid out and comes with a striking design that definitely gives off a vibe of elegance. The homepage picture of famous porn star Lexi Belle is a little concerning (unless Lexi Belle uses the site herself, which is doubtful), but in fairness, this is a pretty common approach for most dating sites.

The number of options along the bar at the top of the page gives the impression that Adult Friend Finder has gone to great lengths to create a community of like-minded people looking to hookup. Not only does Adult Friend Finder advertise itself as the world’s largest sex and swinger community, but in addition to the usual dating site features, it boasts free dating forums and free live chat. The website front page also declares the number of active users, broadcasts (live cams), photos and connections made on the website so far (as of May 2020, it's at 3.8 million).

First impressions of Adult Friend Finder were very good. The sample profile pictures on the front page seemed legit and weren't just your average stolen photos of internet models. The site runs smoothly and isn't clunked up with third party ads or pop-ups, and sign up process is very simple. It doesn't run you around in circles by selling you crap you don't need, and there isn't any unneccessary links to porn sites, other platforms or other dating sites.

Basic Features

You can begin your registration for your free account right from the Adult Friend Finder homepage by filling in your basic details (gender, sexuality, location. email address and birth date), and best of all, registration is completely free. You'll need to verify your email address to prove you're a real person, and then you're free to create your own profile and start browsing.

Filling out your bio is a breeze. It's just a matter of writing a short paragraph about yourself, uploading a few pictures and setting your preferences (what kind of relationship you're looking for, what you like in the bedroom, your search parameters and your sexual preferences). You may also upload a video bio if that's easier.

Unlike Tinder and other swipe-based apps, Adult Friend Finder is a more conventional dating site, allowing you to browse members at your leisure rather than relying on a match making system. Surprisingly, most of the profiles you'll come across are great quality. The site makes no secret that it's here to hook people up, so you'll find a hefty amount of adult content on this platform. This means you'll find a lot of members who are willing to post topless pictures and videos of themselves - something which isn't often allowed on similar dating sites.

Sending messages to other members is free, but to view their full profile you'll need to upgrade your membership (more on that later). Something that I loved was that the homepage (on both the app and website) constantly rotates profiles of online members, and also notifies you when new people in your area join up. Amazingly, every single profile one I checked was a real person; there wasn't a fake account in sight. Something quite rare for a site of Adult Friend Finder's popularity.

After doing some digging around the website, I found some statistics which might dissuade a few members. The balance between men and women on the website is massively disproportionate. 80% of active users on the site are men, while only 20% are women. However, despite this huge difference, it didn't feel like there was a shortage of women at all. Not surprising though, given that over 90 million people use the website.

The majority of available users are based in the US, and over 80% of users claimed they were using Adult Friends Finder to meet up with new people for fun and casual sex. Very few are looking to couple up or find love.

Premium Features

One of the website's most attractive features is that it offers a number of options to keep you entertained. Perhaps the most appealing feature is the live webcams service. Given that AdultFriendFinder is packed full of open-minded kinksters, you'll find that many users are eager to show the world exactly how they get themselves off. If you click into the live webcam section, you'll see a list of webcams currently online. There are men, women, and couples ready to tease and please, fuck or just plain show off their hot bodies, so you'll never be bored browsing the site.

There are adult chatrooms and forums broken down by sexual category so you can chat away with other members about your kinks, fetishes and fantasies. Similarly, there are blogs and journals available for each members, so you can document your experiences on the site and read the thoughts and stories of other members. There's also a section for erotic stories written by members, many of which are based on members' personal experiences. So, if you're the vouyeur type, you'll definitely get a kick out of the cam and stories features.

The most unique section of the website is Adult Friend Finder's Sex Academy. This is a free area which hosts instructional sex videos and articles, like how to improve your oral sex skills, how to pick the best username, how to be more social on the site, how to make your profile stand out, and general dating tips.

Another interesting part of the site is the Contest feature. Every month, the site opens a themed contest which anyone can enter. Members are free to submit pictures or videos fitting the theme, and winners are picked based on the number of likes their entry receives.

The All Friend Finder App

Adult Friend Finder is actually part of a whole network of similar dating sites (named the FriendFinder Network), and you can actually access them all through your Adult Friend Finder upgraded membership. Most of the other pages are less-adult oriented and more of your conventional dating platforms, but it's still amazingly useful to be able to browse them all at once.

The All Friend Finder app can be downloaded from the iPhone or Android app stores for free. Combined, the amount of people on all of the Friend Finder sites totals somewhere around 200 million, making it the most active adult hookup platform online. In order to get all of the features offered by the All Friend Finder app, you'll need to register for the Gold Membership on AFF or one its sister sites.


While a free account will give you access to the fundamentals of the site, access to the the best features will require you to upgrade to the Gold Membership package. Payments can be made through credit card or Paypal and will appear on your bill under the name of the company which owns AFF so it's inconspicuous.

Price breakdown for the upgraded packages are as follows:

  • 1 month for $25
  • 3 months for $60 (breaks down at $20 per month)
  • 12 Months for $180 (breaks down at $15 per month)

For what the site offers, these prices are very reasonable. There are much worse sites with more expensive subscriptions, and for all the additional features which Gold Membership gives you access to, it's definitely a good deal. With the addtion of the Friend Finder Network app too, even the $25 a month option is really great value.

A unique aspect of Adult Friend is that Gold Membership can actually be earned through 'points', which are basically the site's version of currency. Points can be achieved through various tasks, like uploading pictures, commenting on posts made by other people, writing blog entires, voting in contests, and getting new people to sign up through link affiliates. It's a good system which encourages user interaction and content creation across the site, which again leads to more people spending time on the site.


There's a lot to love about AFF. The biggest positive is the massive user base, pretty much all of which is compromised of people looking for casual sex. It's a place for people who are tired of porn and want to get some real action, and the fact that the site is home to 90 million people is sign of its success. In today's world of PC culture where you have to be careful what you say, AFF offers a nice platform where you can be a little more forward and get straight to the point.

The active community on the site gives you more opportunities to engage with people and strike up a conversation. You don't have to rely on the conventional approach of messaging them directly and hoping for the best. With AFF's various features, you may choose to respond to one of their blog posts or their articles.

The open-minded nature of the site goes a long way. You may identify as a specific gender or sexuality, and AFF provides an environment where you can be comfortable and not concern yourself with the judgement of others. If you're looking to explore your sexual fantasies and experience new things, you won't find a better place to do it than Adult Friend Finder.

Prices are good. Membership perks are good. Interactivity is exceptional. You may also like the constant barrage of naked pics you find in people's profiles. Membership help and information is on hand at an instant should you require password or profile assistance.


There's not a whole lot of downsides to Adult Friend Finder. If you're the more conservative type who doesn't like having genitals in your face at every turn, you might find browsing some profiles a bit of a distraction. However, it's not a big problem by any means.

On a similar note, if you're on the look out for a relationship or something long-term, you might not have much luck on here. This is purely for hookups and casual encounters, and the whole image of the site reinforces that. From the constant barrage of nudity to the erotic stories and contests, it's all about sex and nothing more.

Users who are used to Tinder or Bumble might be frustrated at the lack of a match making system. AFF has no algorithm that matches people based on interests, personality types or anything in that vein. All users are matched solely by their activity.

Lastly, the mobile app isn't as streamlined as the desktop site. It can be a little slow and clunky at times, and isn't the easiest app in the world to navigate.


If it's casual sex you want, you'll like everything AFF has to offer. Of al the hookup sites on the internet, AFF might be the easiest and most popular one on the market to get laid with. Every user wants the same thing as you, so you don't need to worry about being overly romantic or leading someone on. AFF makes its intentions very obvious.

It's the best way to connect with like-minded kinksters, and the multitude of ways you can interact with other members is outstanding. The fact that the site has been active for 20 years and is pushing 100 million users is a sign of its popularity and its usefulness. For open minded sexual adventure, Adult Friend Finder is everything you could want from a hookup site.

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