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Best Backpage Replacement Site For 2020

Once upon a time, Backpage was the premier destination for online classified ads. People were using the site to post everything from electronics, cars, and properties for sale to job notices, upcoming events, and much more. 

But Backpage was also quite popular for one other reason: adult ads. 

In fact, Backpage became of thriving location for personal ads and online dating. Not to mention the ads by escorts and sex workers looking for clients. The process was simple. Choose a location (United States, Asia Pacific and Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean, basically anywhere on earth), browse the personals and start messaging.

This was until April of 2018 when the website was shut down by the United States’ Department of Justice on account of the site being used for human trafficking and the prostitution of minors. In fact, today, if you enter “” into your web browser, you’ll be met by an FBI notice stating that “ and its affiliates have been seized.”

But even since Backpage was shut, internet users have been searching the internet ferociously to find replacement websites that offer an equally vast catalog of free classified ads

So if you’ve ever found yourself looking for a Backpage replacement, you’ve come to the right place. Has an alternative to Backpage been found? Where are customers, clients and sex-workers supposed to run to now? Well, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best Backpage replacement websites for 2020. 


When we talk about sites like Backpage, Craiglist is usually one of the first websites that come to mind. It's a site similar to Backpage in the sense it offers personal ads, job support and used items for sale. In terms of popularity, Craigslist is big business, so it's definitely the closest alternative to Backpage out there.

Having been launched in 1995, Craiglist has almost two and a half decades of classified experience under their belt. The website has managed to build-up an extensive user base, and many internet users believe it is the best alternative to sites like Backpage. 

Amongst Craiglist’s countless classified ads, the site was once extremely popular for its personal ads section. These not only include personal ads, but also many ads by sex workers looking for clients. At one point, it was among the most visited sites online.

But in 2010, the sites personal section was temporarily shut down after the United States’ Attorney General claimed many of the website’s ads promoting prostitution. Craiglist eventually reinstated the personal section on their website, but it was ultimately shut down in 2018 for good. 

Despite Craiglist no longer being used as a dating website or to find sex workers, it’s still extremely famous for other types of classified. On the site’s homepage, you can choose from a wide range of categories. 


As one of the leading social media platforms on the internet, there aren’t very many people out there who aren’t on Facebook. But how does it compare as a new Backpage replacement?

Did you know that Facebook can also be used for buying and selling products, and as of recently, they’ve already introduced a new dating section, which allows their users to meet others in their area?  

Since you’re likely already familiar with Facebook’s user interface, to buy or sell anything, simply navigate to the “Buy and Sell Groups” page in your menu. Select a group that you want to browse, and then you’re free to post ads or shop directly through Facebook. 

And since Facebook has a much larger user base than any other new Backpage alternative, its classifieds section is much more extensive than other sites. 

You can also search for specifics products or categories by typing in a keyword into the Facebook search bar. And as we’ve mentioned, Facebook also now has a dating section. Simply click on the heart icon in your Explore bar and you’ll be able to create your own Facebook dating app to find locals in your area. It might not be a site similar to Backpage in the direct sense, but it can be used just like it.

An excellent new Backpage alternative is known as Locanto. The site was initially launched in Germany, however, it is now widely available in more than 60 countries around the world. 

To make the site more user-friendly and easy to navigate, Locanto hosts many different categories, such as jobs, automobiles, real estate, and the slightly steamier, personal ads. Furthermore, the page has both an iOS and an Android app. So whether you’re at home on your computer or on the go with your cellphone, you can still browse Locanto, no matter where you are. 

Locanto also makes it super easy to post ads and due to its massive user base, your ads have a very high chance of getting a big response. Although Locanto is mainly used to buy and sell services, the Indian version of the site has become a very popular online destination for people looking to find a husband or wife. Locanto's user base is heavily US-based, particularly in North Carolina, and South Virginia. It also has a good amount of members in Columbia and Ontario Quebec.


Next on our list of Backpage replacement sites for 2020, we have ClassifiedAds.

Like virtually every other site similar to Backpage, ClassifiedAds allows users to post ads to buy and sell items. The website also features a category specifically for personal ads, and offers a variety of subcategories such as Casual Dating, Missed Connections and more. 

However, using the page to post ads is a bit trickier than on other classified websites. But the company does offer a video tutorial, just in case you’re having trouble figuring it out. 

The one complaint most users have with ClassifiedAds is that the site shows an abundance of obtrusive commercial ads right alongside its regular, user ads.

Although not quite as popular as Backpage, LetGo is another extremely well-known classified website internet users can use to sell their products. 

LetGo is probably the first classified ad website people around you will suggest if you are planning to sell a product. Founded in 2015 by former CEO of Olx, the Backpage alternative has gained an immersive amount of user base. While it's mostly populated by users in the United States, there's a big LetGo community in Australia and Oceania. If you're located near here, LetGo is a very reasonable alternative to Backpage.

The marketplace has a smooth and clear user interface. A few major ad categories can be seen on the home page. Further down, you can see people’s listing of different products and services. Once you log in, you can even save a listing. You also have the option of sharing it on social media platforms. The Backpage-like website also has an Android app as well as an iOS app.

Gumtree is one of the most popular platforms for classified ads. It's not the first page you'd think of when it comes to sites like Backpage, but it does share a few similar traits.

Once a popular UK-based advertising website, the page has grown into one of the best Backpage alternatives, given you are only looking for classifieds related to properties, automobiles, etc.

Posting a free classified ad on the website requires one to create an account. But even without having an account, you can go through thousands of products listed on the site daily. I wouldn’t exactly call it a Backpage replacement since it doesn’t include personal ads. However, this is one of the best classified websites available on the Internet.


Oodle is a free classified aggregator launched in 2004. The website showcases thousands of queries from different websites. And in 2006, Oodle launched its personal ads section.

Unlike other Backpage alternative pages, classified ads on Oodle are purely aggregated results from different websites. With the help of Oodle, you can get an idea of which website has the most extensive ad listing. This is useful if you’re looking for a particular combination of attributes that are not available on every website. As far as Backpage replacement pages go, it's not by perfect by any means. However, it allows you to post free classified ads in any city in the world.

Popularity wise, Oodle can't match up to other replacement Backpage sites, but it serves as a decent Backpage alternative in certain regions. It has an active user base in Australia and Oceania, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Latin America.


The matchmaking game in the new digital world is different from what it was a few years back.

We're pretty sure you've heard of Tinder, the popular match-making app available on desktop and smartphone users. OKCupid is quite similar to Tinder, only it is much more popular. The match-making process on these websites is quite similar to the personal ads on Backpage alternatives. It's not the new Backpage by any means, but it comes close.

You create a profile, put up a bio, put a beautiful looking picture of yourself, and that’s it. Now you can go through hundreds of profiles in your area. Once a mutual connection is established, you can start chatting with the person. It could be said that although OKCupid isn't exactly a direct alternative to Backpage, this and other sites like it are the new Backpage of this era.

If you're in the United States, UK, Latin America, or Australia and Oceania, you'll probably find some decent luck on OKCupid. It's not an ideal Backpage replacement but it can get you laid.

Fuck Local

Fuck Local isn't a site similar to Backpage, Bedpage or Craigslist in the conventional sense - aside from the fact it will get you laid.

Fuck Local is a new fucksite which guarantees easy sex. You don't have to swipe or match with people to talk to them, so it's not really like Tinder, a free classified site or any modern dating service.

Once you sign up, you're free to browse profiles as much as you like. You won't be posting ads, and you definitely won't find advertisements for furniture, broadband providers, or any of the shit you'd find on Craigslist personals.

Fuck Local is similar to Backpage in that you'll find a considerable number of horny strangers (and perhaps an escort or two) ready to connect with you. All cities are welcome, and Fuck Local boasts members from Nova Scotia to North Dakota and all the way across the ocean.

As far as sites similar to Fuck Local, there aren't many others that match up. At least not in terms of ease of signing up and chances of getting laid. It's among one of the most popular sites similar to Backpage, so if it's sex with strangers you want, give Fuck Local a shot.

The Final Word

We hope that our list of sites like Backpage have helped point you in the right direction of a platform to help you get laid. It doesn't matter where you're located, US, UK, Africa, Mexico, Asia Pacific and Middle East - you'll find some quality content on all of the above free classified sites. As a final word, we'll say that there's no single place which is the new Backpage, but if you use a combination of the pages listed up top, you'll definitely have some success.

Although finding a hookup online can be exciting, it’s important to understand that it comes with a fair share of risks. After all, you’re meeting up with a stranger who you’ve never met before and likely know very little about. So, always remember to play safe.