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Your Guide To Using Adultsearch

In a world where sex work is being clamped down at every angle, thank god for sites like

Adult search is an escort directory packed with luscious ladies in every city. Not just in the US, but in pretty much every city in the world. It doesn't matter whether you're in Europe, Asia or even Africa. You're guaranteed to find some horny babes ready for action on this site.

In this guide, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about using Adult Search.

Find Escorts Anywhere With

People need escorts for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that guys just plain old want to fuck, and nowhere is this easier than hiring a gorgeous babe to show up at your doorstep. But there are some other reasons guys (or girls) might want an escort for the night.

Adultsearch is loaded with sex workers of every kind - not just the fucking and sucking type. You might be into some of the more niche services offered by sex workers, such as domination or humiliation, and Adultsearch can certainly provide that too. Hell, you might just want a classy looking babe on your arm while you head out to a works dinner or something, and this site has you covered there too.

Likewise, if you're traveling for work and find yourself in a new city, Adultsearch will help you find some companionship for the night. You need never have a lonely business trip ever again. Just remember to wipe the history on your browser before accessing in case your boss finds out!

Browse Escorts In Your City With Ease

From the Adult search homepage, the first thing you'll see is a list of countries. Once you've selected your location, you'll be given a list of cities all with active working girls in the area. It's just a matter of narrowing down your search criteria until you've found your perfect match.

But one of the most unique things about the site is that it's not just a list of escorts and nothing else. There's actually a lot more information about various kinky activities going on in your city. You'll be given a list of swingers clubs, bath houses, massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops and brothels all within your borders, and if you dig in deeper, you'll be given opening times and the kinds of activities which go on in these places. You don't even have to look hard; this process is automatic in the site. So, if you're looking to go the extra mile, this site has you covered in every way possible.

Every Type Of Escort Possible

When we hear the term escort, we automatically think of high-class, expensive ladies getting down to business in a swanky hotel room. However, the reality is that escorts come in all shapes and sizes, black and white, cheap and expensive.

Not all escorts are full-time sex workers either. The same goes for dominatrices, cam girls, phone sex operators and whatever else you might find in your search results. Some of them just fuck for money because it's a little extra cash on the side, and hell, some of them do it because they just love sex! If you browse through your search listings, you'll find horny housewives, fresh teens, BBW babes, ebony girls, Latina girls and even trans guys and girls.

But keep in mind that since a lot of these escorts have normal jobs and normal lives outside of sex work, some of them choose to hide their faces for anonymity.

Hooking Up With A Hot Escort

So you've found an escort who takes your fancy, then what?

On their profile page, you'll see everything about them, including a number of pictures. You'll see their stats, like their age, breast size, body type and even their preferred style of pubic hair. Some will have written a short bio about themselves, which usually includes the kinds of stuff they're into (kinky play, watersports, that kind of thing), and some will show their preferred hours of working.

Every escort will provide a phone number so that you can contact them, and from there, it's just a matter of giving them a call and telling them where you found their profile. With other escort sites, you usually have to fill out a form and submit it through an agency, but with this process is super easy.

More Than Just An Escort Directory

As well as being able to search for hot babes in your city, the site actually has a few other functions too.

When some cities don't have any active escorts (which may be the case at certain times of the day or in low-population areas), you'll be given a few pop-ups to provide an alternative. These will be things like cam or porn video sites. Depending on whether you're using Chrome, Edge or Firefox, this process can be manual or automatic. If it's automatic, your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Please allow up to 5 seconds ddos protection to kick in.


This site is so easy to use it's a joy. Functionality wise, it's stripped down and very straightforward. There's no glitz or glamor with the site, it just gets straight down to business. Looks wise, it's very similar to Craigslist, and that's definitely a good thing.

Most importantly, almost everything on here is totally free. There's no paid memberships, at least not if you're a client, and it costs nothing to browse through as many profiles as you want. You can search for an escort in a matter of seconds, and the fact you can contact them directly without going through an agency is a major thumbs up.

The little additions, like mentioning local sex clubs and massage parlors (and for the tech geeks, the site is constantly checking your browser for ddos protection by Ray ID) is excellent, and will definitely help get a few more guys laid.


There's not much to dislike about this site at all. It's hard to pinpoint anything which is a major flaw. However, I noticed that there are a few cities which don't have any active escorts yet. If you're in the US or Canada, you'll be fine in whatever city you're in, but the guys in Europe and Asia might struggle if they're in one of the less-populated regions.

However, this isn't a fault of the website by any means. It simply means more escorts need to become aware of the site, and as its userbase is actively growing every day, this is bound to happen pretty soon.

Get Laid Tonight!

With so many gorgeous, frisky hotties only a few clicks away, there's never been an easier way to get your dick wet. We all just want to fuck, right? It doesn't matter if you're a client or a sex worker yourself, you can hook up with the guy or girl of your dreams just by spending a few minutes browsing through all the endless listings adultsearch has to offer.