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The Best Free Sex Sites In 2020

If you're looking for easy, free sex, dating apps are the way forward.

These days, barely a week goes by without another new dating site arriving on the scene, guaranteeing instant sex at the click of a button. Obviously, not all of them live up to their claims, with a lot of them just being scams or wastes of time.

And worst of all are the fuck sites which which constantly badger you to upgrade to their 'premium' packages, for a small fee, of course. But if the big websites like Tinder, OKCupid and POF are totally free, why should you be paying other dating sites for the same service?

There's really no need to, not when there are hundreds of free sex sites which can give you that free fuck or one night stand you desperately crave.

So, if you're looking to find local sex, local singles or even a fuck buddy in your area, read on, because we've compiled a list of the best free fuck sites online.

Adult Friend Finder

Outside of the big daddies like Tinder and POF, Adult Friend Finder is the next one on the list in terms of popularity.

And for pure hookups and no strings attached fucking, AFF might actually be the best dating site out there. Unlike the other big players, you won't find many people looking to actually date, and you certainly won't find any looking for long-term relationships. AFF is solely about the short term fun.

It's laid out like a social network site. You've got a feed, a profile, and you can search for other members based on whatever criteria you want. Messaging and sending pictures to another member is totally free, and even though there's an option to upgrade, it isn't a requirement to enjoy the site to its fullest.

Givin the amount of active users on AFF, you're guaranteed to find some local sex if you spend enough time on here. I won't say it will happen immediately, but send a few messages and get chatting and you'll be on your way. The only downside to AFF is that it attracts a few bots trying to sell you shit, and it can sometimes be a real hassle trying to weed out the fake users from the real ones.


If you're on the wrong side of thirty, you might remember Badoo back when it was an annoying Facebook plugin. But in recent years, Badoo has rebranded itself as a dating site - and one of the best ones that.

But unlike the other dating sites on this list, Badoo doesn't really market itself as such. It claims to be a social media site, but one which attracts horny men and women searching for a discreet hookup, and amazingly, it actually delivers on its promises.

Aside from being totally free, the best thing about Badoo is the proportion of guys to girls. Females make up a staggering 60% of the user base, so if you're a guy looking for casual sex, Badoo is nothing short of a pussy-filled paradise. It might be the most girl-heavy dating website of any platform out there.

Badoo's also got strict rules on signing up. Every user has to provide a handful of selfies to verify their identity, which goes a long way to limiting the amount of fakes you'll meet on there. While the site will try and upsell you at every turn, you don't need to upgrade to the premium membership to enjoy the fruits of Badoo's labor.

While you'll find a lot to love about Badoo, there's one downside: not every girl on here is looking for quick sex. Some of these ladies actually want to meet up and date, old-school style. If that's your thing, you'll get some great use out of Badoo. If it's a hook up you want, forget about it.

Sex Dating

While it's not the catchiest name for an app, Sex Dating does what it says on the tin.

As far as dating sites go, SexDating is as barebones as it comes. Local sex, meet a fuck buddy or join in a local orgy - all of these are a possibility on this minimalistic site.

Simply sign up, verify your age and get going. SexDating is a little like Craigslist in a way, in that the site will take you to a localized version of the site depending on your region. Once there, you're free to browse every other profile as you see fit - totally for free.

I'm always a little dubious about sites which have a porn section, but SexDating's porn section seems to be relatively harmless. It doesn't deviate from the experience at all, and unless you purposely seek out these sexy clips, you won't be badgered into looking at them.

Activity wise, SexDating is best popular in the US, UK and Canada. It's got over a million users, most of which appear to be real. While you might get invited to a chat by a bot once in a while, it's easy to spot the fakes and just ignore them.


Looking for an older woman to show you the best sex of your life? Look no further than Milfaholic.

The name says it all. This is a hub of MILFs, cougars and the kind of guys who love them. You might think it's just full of young studs on here, but the male demographic is actually around 25-40.

This site is the MILF equivalent of POF. It boasts pretty much all the same features, including a matching system to instantly connect you with local babes, a quick-chat feature to instantly message anyone, and the ability to scroll through at will until you find your ideal mature hottie. Best of all is the 'Near Me' feature which uses your GPS on your mobile to find the nearest women to you.

Once again, everything is free, but there's a paid upgrade available which comes with a few perks. Your profile will be boosted to the top of the 'Who's Online' page and you'll be able to see who's viewed your account. That's prettty much the extent of it.

The problem with Milfaholic is that the name sounds too smutty to be a genuine free sex site. Sites with adult-esque names never attract many users because they all assume it's not legit. However, Milfaholic bucks that trend by actually being one of the best free sites on the market. You've got every chance of hooking up through Milfaholic, so be sure to give it a shot tonight. You might be surprised what you find.

Fuck Local

This is the most barebones, no-bullshit app for casual sex you could possibly find. Right from the word go, you'll be thrust into a world of casual sex and sluttiness.

Fuck Local doesn't beat around the bush. If you want local sex for free, this is the place to come. Thousands of users, great interactivity, 50/50 gender breakdown - what more could you want?

Although Fuck Local is one of the newer sites on the market, it's already got a staggering number of members, which just goes to show exactly how many people are looking to meet up for casual sex in the modern age. You'll find ladies of every age and every size and shape on here. Petite teens, bored housewives, BBWs, even a few kinky couples looking to spice up their bedroom antics.

Once you sign up, you'll just need to answer a few questions about your sexual preferences and then you're free to browse to your heart's content. Easy local sex is on the menu, whether it's a one-time thing or a fuck buddy type relationship, you're sure to meet that perfect partner. As far as new fuck sites go, this is one of the best.


Want something a little more niche? Then let FetLife do the hard work for you.

This is actually one of the oldest dating sites online, it just didn't have much of a mainstream presence until recently. FetLife is dedicated to kinks and fetishes of every kind, from BDSM to cuckolding to the hardcore stuff like fisting and scat.

To look at FetLife, you'd think it was packed with ads and shady links, but it's actually one of the most moderated adult sites in the game. It's 100% safe, and has zero ads whatsoever.

FetLife isn't really a dating app as such, it's a social media fucksite like Fuckbook. It's laid out like a blog, kinda like Tumblr, with your feed showing you the recent posts from your friends and people you've interacted with. There's a massive community at FetLife, so you'll have a very good chance to meet that perfect kinkster you've been yearning for.

Reviews for FetLife .com are always on the positive side. You'll rarely find anyone with a bad word to say about it. Well, apart from those vanilla people, but you won't ever find one of them on here. No doubt about it, FetLife is one of the best apps ever made. It's 100% free, super active, and everyone on there has an open mind.