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Does OneBackpage Live Up To Its Name? Find Out Here

Since Backpage disappeared off our screens back in 2018, it's been a struggle for all the men and women who relied on it. Escorts have been forced to find other outlets for their services, and clients have to get their fixes elsewhere.

We're all trying to fill that space that Backpage left, and it hasn’t been easy to breathe new life into other, less popular escort pages. Every so often, a new site pops up claiming to be Backpage's successor, but more often than not, they never quite live up to the glory of the original website.

But here comes OneBackpage, a new search site claiming to get you laid with women with ease, no matter what city you're in. With a name so close to the site we all once loved, OneBackpage promises to be an identical site that offers something similar – ads for escorts from all walks of life and all over the world. But is it a real steal, or are they stealing your information along the way?

We've compiled everything you need to know about the new imitator on the block, but does OneBackpage match up to its namesake? Read on for our best review.

First Impressions

Ouch. looks like a virus waiting to happen. Seriously. The top bars are littered with ads for external links to sketchy sites, and the side bar is filled with them too. Also, to make things even worse, some of the ads use the same bright blue that the Blue Screen of Death gives you  – never something you ever want to see on your computer, especially on a site for escort services. 

Besides all the loud and brash advertisements, the front page does feature the most recently posted personals from all over the United States, which is a fun way to browse and see what kinds of offers you can expect. But that perk wasn’t enough to keep me from having some serious doubts about

But things didn't get any easier within the first few minutes. As I tried to navigate to my city, every link bought a new pop up with it. Sometimes in-page pop ups and sometimes new windows entirely. To say it was irritating is an understatement. If it's trying to imitate Craigslist or Backpage, it's not doing a very good job.


Like some other escorts sites, OneBackpage presents itself as a Craigslist alternative – but when you take a closer look, you realize that this front just doesn’t hold. In the main search bar, there are categories to filter by that seem harmless (and even innocent), like bars, salons, sports equipment for sale, childcare services, and even accounting jobs. However, as soon as you visit these links, you’ll realize that each safe for work tab has a maximum of ten posts in the entire country.

The sexy search tabs, however, are a totally different story. You can look under their Dating section for several scintillating options including:

  • Women looking for men
  • Women looking for women
  • Men looking for women
  • Men looking for men
  • Casual connections
  • Friendship.

But it’s when you click the Personal Connections tab, that's whenthat the fun really begins. There are several sultry selections for your pleasure:

  • Female Escorts
  • Body Rubs
  • Modeling
  • Dom and Fetishes
  • Trans Escorts
  • Phone & Websites
  • Adult Industry Jobs
  • Cam Show
  • Porn Content
  • Escort Reviews

For all of these, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of options – in fact, the whole Personal Connections tab boasts over two hundred thousand different advertisements across the country. 

It’s doesn’t end there, though. Along the top of the page, you can find ads for Live Escort Webcams, Premium Local Escorts, Sugar Babies, and pretty much every category you can think of. These all link to websites other than For better or worse, most things on this site do.

That’s not the only disappointment on Unlike other sites where escorts provide professional levels of detail including their services, rates, interests, and characteristics, these all look more like a Craigslist Personals ad: the bare minimum of information, a blurry picture, and a number they desperately want you to call. 

Take a closer look at these pop ups, though. Many of them have hyperlinks to a phony hookup website, and others just look so unprofessional you wonder if they’re even real, or if they just plan to steal your money. It's hard to see any legitimacy on this site whatsoever. The whole page is designed like one big pop up advertisement.


Thankfully, with all these red flags, at the very least it’s free to look around. There’s no sign up and little-to-no risk by just browsing the site, and you don’t have to worry about surrendering your email address for any of it. From what I'd found so far, this was the one and only good thing going for

If you’re looking to post an ad, however, be prepared to pay. It’s $4.00 to post a listing, and any additional burst of promotions are extra as well:

  • Mark as Premium for $6.00/day
  • Highlight your Listing for $3.00/day
  • Automatically Move it to the Top for $6.00/day

These high rates for publication have me very confused as to why the ad services are so low quality, and in fact, it only reaffirms my suspicion that most of these are fake.


Very little to talk about here, unfortunately.

One advantage is that, at least on the surface, the site seems to be quite active. There are hundreds of thousands of advertisements posted in every city across the country, and it’s free to browse no matter what city you're in. I quite like that people don’t need to create a profile, leaving them free to search without fear of a paper trail – as long as they keep it incognito. However, that's the only real pro OneBackpage has going for it.

There's nothing else going for it. It's one gigantic mess with no great features. Also, the sheer number of new pop ups was so frustrating that it completely negated of the site's positives.


It’s shocking how expensive the ads are to publish once you realize that most of them are spam, hyperlinks, or otherwise a total waste of your time. I can’t go and say they’re all outright garbage, but the fact is that most of the ads are pretty fake, especially when you compare them to other quality escort sites like CityxGuide or MegaPersonals, whose ads are professional, discreet, and so thoroughly fleshed out that you know exactly what each escort offers, often right down to the price range. Go compare the three sites for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. 

The more I dug around on OneBackpage, the more convinced I became that this site truly is a virus waiting to happen, run by folks eager to bait helpless saps like us into believing that we’ll meet an escort of our fantasies. In reality, I expect we’d get our Venmo drained without ever meeting the babe from the ad.

Every so often, I'd see one or two pop ups appear. They seemed to be new advertisements each time, but one which kept rearing its head was Every time it would jump up, I'd get an annoying audio clip saying 'come to' This got old pretty fast.

To top it all off, sites this suspicious should always put you on edge about law enforcement using them for sting operations. All in all, there’s more going against this site than there is to recommend it – so stay away.


OneBackpage is a frustrating mess that will have you looking and feeling like a chump by the time you get done with it. Despite there being a decent amount of posts, every fibre of being told me that very few of them were genuine. No one with any sense would use a site like this, least of all pay to use its services. A handful of escorts might use it just because it has the word Backpage in its name, but they'll be so few and far between that it's not really worth it.

There are a lot of new, free sites offering similar services to OneBackpage, most of which are decent. OneBackpage isn't one of them. This website won't get you laid in your city no matter how hard you try. It doesn't have anything going for it, and the only girls you'll meet through here are ones trying to sell you shit you don't need.

Avoid Onebackpage unless you want to be sent on a wild goose chase that doesn’t lead to sex – just scam and dummy accounts. You’re better off trying one of many other escort services online.