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What's The Best Sex App For No Strings Fun?

Casual sex apps have changed the dating world forever. No longer to people have to get to know someone in person, meeting for coffees and romantic dinners. The days of being set up on dates with friends of friends are a thing of the past. In the modern age, all it takes a swipe or two before you're chatting to someone you want to fuck.

But with so many new sex apps on the scene, how do you even know where to begin? Which dating apps have the most users? Which one guarantees sex in the shortest time? Which one has the most scammers and which one is just a waste of time?

We're going to take a deep dive into the hookup sites, dating apps and the world of the best sex apps. Everyone is familiar with the big name hookup apps like Tinder and Happn, so we're going to look at some of the lesser known dating apps on the market. This guide includes reviews of the following apps:

  • Instant Hookups
  • Wingman
  • Hinge
  • Whiplr
  • Down Dating
  • Feeld
  • Tingle
  • Minimate
  • Fuck Local

So make a coffee, get comfortable and put ten minutes aside. This is the definitive guide to finding the best apps for casual sex.

Instant Hookups

One of the biggest problems with modern sex apps is the ratio of men to women on each platform. However, Instant Hookups has found a solution to this problem.

When you sign up to Instant Hookups, the moderation team will only approve you if there's an equivalent of the opposite sex also pending approval. For example, if you sign up on a Monday and the male section is full, you won't be approved until a woman signs up too, where this happens the following Tuesday or a month later. This helps keep the numbers proportionate so everyone has a fair chance to find someone.

Instant Hookups has an impressive userbase with 3,500,000 registered accounts, around 840k of which are active every month. The platform feels like a combination of Tinder and standard dating apps as you can manually search through members as much as you want, but you can also use a matchmaking system which auto-matches you with potential fuck partners.

As expected, all accounts must go through a rigorous verification check to ensure they're real. But with that said, there are still a number of fakes profiles and scammers littered around. However, it's not a big problem as real users far outweigh the fakes.

The only real negative to Instant Hookups is that the monthly cost is quite steep at $39.95. There are some minor flaws, like it's sometimes difficult to find your way around the website, but that's pretty much it.

Overall, Instant Hookups might be one of the best sex apps available because the 50/50 ratio puts the chances of getting laid much higher than average. When it comes to chatting, you can take things to video, which is useful to verify that the person you're talking to is real. The app can also match you with others based on GPS location.

If you want to get sex on a relatively quick basis, this app will do the job. You might be waiting a week or two to get registered, but it's worth the wait.


Great name for an app, we're sure you'll agree, but how does it work?

Wingman puts your friends in charge of your dating life. With a decent number of users, good interactivity and a fair distribution of male and female members, Wingman looks pretty good at first glance. How it works is that users will allow their friends to create their profile and talk to the friends of potential matches. It's wingmen talking to wingwomen in the hopes of matching friends together. Best of all, it's totally free.

It's a clever concept. Genius, even, but does it yield results?

Wingman certainly works well, even though it's not you in the driving seat. You aren't able to talk to a match yourself, which makes things difficult, so you'll need to put 100% faith in your friends' abilities to find matches who suit you. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder than it sounds. Arranging a date via other people can take some planning and a lot of communication.

There aren't many fakes on the platform because, like many modern apps, email verficiation is needed to start up. But really, Wingman falls short in a lot of areas. While it's one of the more unique options on the sex apps market, it's gimmick doesn't translate well in reality. Profiles also offer very limited information, most of which are just a profile picture and nothing else.

Two really big positives of Wingman. One is that it's great for those who are shy and want someone else to help them out talking to others. And two, it brings back blind dates, a concept which died out years ago. However, the negatives far outweigh everything else. It doesn't help generate chemistry between two people, you're trusting somebody else to take control and make decisions for you. The fact it's free is a great bonus, but if you're looking to meet someone for pure sexual intimacy and nothing else, avoid Wingman. You might find success, but this definitely isn't one of the best sex apps out there.


With one of the best tagline of any hookup apps, designed to be deleted, Hinge is tailor made for people looking for casual sex.

Initially, when Hinge was first released back in 2015, it was a singles app like Tinder designed to find easy sex. However, it was later acquired by the media company behind and went through a makeover. After its rebranding, it became a standard dating app catering to people seeking long-term relationships, but a million plus people still use for its original purpose.

Due to its crossover nature, Hinge has a massive number of users all in vastly different demographics. It boasts somewhere in the region of five million users, even beating out some of the bigger name apps out there. Despite this massive number of users, you won't find many scammers or fakes on Hinge as it requires verfification through Facebook, mobile phone number and through at least six pictures.

Amazingly, and Hinge might be the only app with such perfection, user proportion is broken down almost 50/50. Half men, half women. It's pretty rare to find such an even breakdown of gender, which goes to show how revered Hinge is.

Hinge isn't a swipe app, either. You're free to browse any people and message whoever you want. While it's not free, the price for a membership is really good, ranging from $9.99 to $29.94 a month depending on your subscription level. However, there's a free version which allows you to enjoy much of the basics Hinge offers. You don't need to upgrade to the premium package by any means, unless you want a smoother experience and less ads.

Overall, Hinge is certainly one of the best sex apps available. It's easy to chat with other users, comes with a matchmaking system and it's easy to search users by name, age, location, and physical appearance. If you want to find people for dating, one night stands or anything else, Hinge does things right.


Craving a little pain and pleasure combination? Want to spank, get spanked, or engage in some niche fetish play? If so, you'll like Whiplr.

Whiplr is a sex app for those into the BDSM scene. It's a simple app with no frills and no nonsense. It gets right down to business from the off. You won't get any swiping here. This is a standard app where you can search for your perfect partner and message them without any fuss. As the BDSM community tends to attract older clientele, you'll find a lot of the users are 30+, with the average male age around 42. Women are slightly younger at 37. While there are some 18-25 year olds, you'll find that these are the newbies who are curious about BDSM but haven't adopted it as a lifestyle like the older folks.

After signing up, you simply need to select your role (dominant, submissive, switch, and literally hundreds of other designations) and then you're free to get going. There are only around 1 million users on Whiplr, but as you might know, BDSM enthusiasts are very dedicated to finding their perfect playmate. So, just because someone might not be in the same city as you doesn't mean they won't want to get down and dirty with you. What Whiplr lacks in numbers, it makes up for in the passion of its members.

While there's no matchmaking system as such, Whiplr will show the best candiates at the top of your page, i.e. folks who are nearby and those who fit your criteria for a perfect partner. One major positive about Whiplr is that the site is totally free for women, so there's a good ratio of male to female users. For men, subscriptions start at $19.99 a month, which compared to similar apps isn't too steep.

One major negative which might dissuade some is that the app is only available for iPhone users. So, if you're an Android kinda guy, you're going to have to find another app to satisfy your BDSM cravings. Like a few other BDSM platforms, Whiplr can take a while to get used to since the interface isn't the best. But once you get over that, the app is decent enough.

Overall, there's a 50/50 chance of Whiplr getting you laid. If you're into a particular sexual niche then definitely check it out. You won't be swimming in genitals by any means, but it's a good platform to find others into the same kinks as you.

Down Dating

With 4 million users, a large proportion of which are female, Down Dating has a lot going for it.

Like a lot of newcomers to the scene, this dating app comes with a gimmick. It incorporates the swipe based approach like Tinder but does so with a twist. Swiping up indicates that you think someone is girlfriend material, down says that you'd be willing to hook up with them, and left discards them.

Some people might find this offensive, but it makes a person's intentions clear right from the word go. Another feature of the Down Dating app is that your pool of potential fuck partners is limited to your Facebook friends list. So, if there's someone your social media who you find attractive, Down Dating offers a convenient way to make advances on them. However, if there's no one on your Facebook you want to hook up with, the app is pretty useless.

The Down Dating app also relies on other Facebook users having the app installed, which is another major negative, but you can send an anonymous invitation to the person you're interested in to let them know there's someone on their Facebook who wants to bang them. This comes with with its own positives and negatives, because you run the risk of confessing your feelings to someone and not have them return it.

Down Dating app isn't free either, and at $19.99 per month, some might consider it quite expensive for what it does. However, there's a 7-day trial period available which lets you see everything you need to know about the app, so you don't have to commit right away. However, if you want to get unlimited swipes, you'll need to upgrade to the best membership. Given the massive users base on this app, the fact that it needs to be synced with Facebook is a huge missed opportunity.

Overall, this app isn't worth the time, especially as it could take weeks to even match with someone. If you want the best sex apps and only the best sex apps, give this one a miss.


Not every sex app is created equal. Some specialize in helping people find others who share the same kinks and fetishes. Feeld is one such app.

If you want to find someone interested in a threesome, get Feeld. This app caters to the sexually adventurous crowd who want to get someone else involved in their bedroom antics. The app markets itself as a 'digital portal for curious couples,' which should tell you everything you need to know about it.

It breaks down like this. You and your partner both set up accounts and link them together, then you can both browse for like minded people to join in your risque sex adventures. When people come across your profile, they'll see that you're linked up with someone else and be able to check you both out to make the right decision. On the flip side, you can also sign up as a single looking to join in another couple's threesome.

Feeld has an impressive 2 million users and can be used for free. The free package gives you everything you need to find a hook up, including endless swiping and chatting. The premium version, which only costs $11.99 per month, lets you see profile visitors and offers an incognito mode for anonymity.

Feeld has a lot of positives going for it. It's cheap, very active and allows for group chats between three people at once. The fact it's free will also persuade a lot of people to remain on the platform. The only negatives of Feeld are that it has to be synced with Facebook to create an account, which could cause some privacy issues. Like Tinder, you can't talk with others unless you match with them, either, but this isn't a huge issue.

Overall, Feeld is a great app, and certainly one of the best sex apps for niche sexual activity. If you're a couple looking to take things to the next level, get Feeld. You'll find someone in no time. Likewise, if threesomes and group sex get your juices flowing, you'll find exactly what you want on Feeld. It's the best app to make your threesome fantasies come true.


It's nice to find an app which takes safety seriously. Tingle is a newcomer to the sex app market but it's quickly gaining a large following. Everything about the app mimicks Tinder, from swiping to matching to setting up profiles, but it has one advantage which Tinder doesn't. Tingle is so good at weeding out fakes and scammers that you'd think it had its own police task force

Aimed at the millenial market, Tingle currently has around 500,000 registered users. Not a huge amount, but the app is still in its infancy. Before being accepted as a user, Tingle makes you go through two verification checks; Facebook and SMS text message. Because of the scrutiny which takes place when signing up, Tingle has almost zero fake profiles on its platform. It might be the only app on the market which can boast such an achievement.

After signing up, Tingle users need to fill in a huge questionnaire which involves things like interests, hobbies, and multiple choice answers to hypothetical scenarios . Those who answer these questions in full (including the text box answers) will have their profiles pushed to the top of the search results.

There aren't many users older than 32 on Tingle, so if you're aiming to hookup with those in the mature category, you're best off going elsewhere. If you're between 18 and 25 though, you'll find Tingle a highly enjoyable experience.

While there aren't millions of users on the platform, Tingle is growing by the day, and the rigorous verification check ensures that everyone you talk to on Tingle is legit. You might not be hooking up with someone every night of the week, but if you persevere you'll definitely have some success. Right now, it remains a good alternative to Tinder.


Another day, another gimmick dating app. However, Mimitate does something so simple that it's amazing it took this long for someone to think of it.

Mimitate is what happens when Snapchat and Instagram have a child and it grows up to become a dating app. Mimitate takes the concept of selfies and makes them the focus point of the platform. Users are constantly pushed to take more selfies as they go about their day, then upload them to their page (the equivalent of Instagram or Facebook stories). What then happens is that another user will see your selfies and you can connect over what's happening in each other's feed. Eventually, you'll have so many selfies posted that your feed will begin to look like a movie.

Mimitate caters to a younger crowd than most apps, with most users around the 18-25 year old mark. If you're after someone in a more mature category, you won't have much luck on Mimitate.

Given the fact that most conversations include a plethora of selfies, you can be sure which users are real and which ones aren't. Unfortunately, there seems to be decent amount of fakes on Mimitate, but these are easily weeded out by the lack of selfie interactivity. Although in fairness to the moderation team, any fakes which are reported are deleted quick time.

One aspect where Mimitate falls down is that it's not a hookup app, however, it could easily be taken in that direction if the app allowed nude photos. But it doesn't, therefore, the app attracts people who are after something a little more long-term. The concept is solid and it translates well to creating good chemistry, but the biggest issue is the small number of users. If you're not in a big city like New York or Toronto, you could be taking selfies for a while before anyone takes notice of you.

Fuck Local

Fuck Local is our new fuck app, catered solely towards people looking for no strings attached sex, short term dating and one night stands. With thousands of users in every city, algorithms to match users to the right people and really easy search capabilities, Fuck Local is one of the best sex apps you'll find.

We've tried every other dating app on the market, and none of them come close to what Fuck Local can offer. If you need to get laid in record time, that's where Fuck Local comes in. This app doesn't adhere to any stereotypes of modern sex apps. It's unique, flawless and offers total anonymity. When users first sign up, they're told exactly what the app entails, so you can rest assured that every user on the site is looking for exactly the same thing.

You won't need to suffer through endless swiping with Fuck Local. You're free to browse as much as you like, make contact with as many people as you want and chat as much as you want. Right now, Fuck Local has users in pretty much every major city, so you really won't have any issues to find someone, whether it's Mrs Right, or Mrs Right Now.

Creating an account on Fuck Local is free, easy and takes two minutes. You just need to answer a few questions to determine your personality then you're free to make a profile and find potential hookup partners. Fuck Local's age demographics vary from young teens to older ladies looking for their next affair. You'll certainly find what you're looking for time and time again.

For a pure sex app which actually offers safe, free sex with another local person in your city, Fuck Local is one of the best sex apps to provide results. The truth is that horny women need to find their one night stand partners somewhere, and one place they turn to it discreet fucksites like Fuck Local. You might even find that sexy neighbor of yours who always takes random men back to her house on Fuck Local.

There's no catch. No bullshit. No third party affiliates trying to sell you shit. Just like-minded users getting to know one another in a judgement free environment. You might not find love on Fuck Local, since no one on there really cares about that, but you'll definitely find satisfaction time and time again.

We hope this guide has given you some food for thought about which fuck apps will be best for you. As a recap, the ones which will result in easy sex in the quickest times are:

  • Fuck Local, if you're looking for guaranteed, no-strings fucking with minimal effort.
  • Hinge, if you just want something quick and easy but don't want to hook up long term.
  • Instant Hookups, if you don't mind waiting a few weeks to get registered.