Jerk Mate

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Jerk Mate Review - The Ultimate Site For Self-Satisfaction?

JerkMate isn't your average cam site - not by a long shot. It's slogan, 'never jerk off alone again' appeals to that primal desire every guy has - the desire to jerk off. After all, we all just want to masturbate, right? And more so, what guy doesn't want to masturbate while watching a hot girl do the same?

But how does it match up to similar cam sites? Let's take a look at what makes this cam site different from the rest.

How Does JerkMate Work?

Once you head over to, the homepage will ask you what kind of models you're looking for - male or female? Once you've clicked on your preference, you'll be instantly taken to a live stream of a woman getting down and dirty. She might be rubbing herself raw with a vibrator, filling her hole with a dildo, or just plain old fingerbanging. Although, there's no limit to what these girls get up to. The first girl I arrived at seemingly liked to share, since she was having sex with two guys at once.

But if for some reason your randomly-selected model doesn't get your juices flowing, you can click onto the next randomly-generated cam girl. It's as simple as that. However, you'll get only two free views before you're prompted to create a free account.

First Impressions

A site like this seems too good to be true. It's basically Chat Roulette but with actual hot women instead of gross dudes. Right away, I loved the angle and how it differentiated itself from your standard cam sites, not to mention that the site is a breeze to navigate. It's got a simple colour scheme, the screen never gets too clogged up (a lot of live cam sites have endless ads) and it's very effecient on mobile too.

So far, great first impressions, but like any cam site, the hidden charges were soon to hit me. However, I had a pleasant surprise.

Creating Your Free Account

You'll be redirected to a login page once your short trial perioded has ended, and then it's just a matter of imputting your email, username and password in to create an account. You'll also need to add a payment method, but unless you sign up for premium, you won't be charged. You can also add a Paypal account.

Once you've verified your email address, you're ready to get stuck in.

A free account will give you the basics, such as viewing models and text-chatting with them. A premium membership will let you rate models, enter private sessions (for those who don't like to share), voice chat and give you the option to email your favorite cam girls outside of the Jerkmate platform.

Cost wise, Jerkmate charges you based on each individual girl, so the price is different each time. This is a a new approach from what I can see, and a massive contrast to most other cam website who charge a one time fee. However, it allows less established camgirls to offer an incentive for you to private cam with them.

Finding Your Perfect Jerk Mate

Jerkmate has a good amount of categories to choose from, including anal, domination, fetish, ebony, teen and MILF. The search function right at the top of the screen, so it's pretty easy to jump between cam babes. If you don't want to search by cam girl type, you can also narrow down by region. Who knows, maybe you'll find your hot neighbor streaming on there? It's also interesting to note that a lot of professional porn stars use Jerkmate to make extra cash, and there's a category listing them all. Nine times out of ten, you're guaranteed to get a good show.

You can send messages to the performers via text (or voice if you're a premium user). So, it's easy to make requests if you want any cam girls to indulge your specific desires.

Additionally, if live streams are too much pressure for you, there's a section of the site dedicated to porn videos. Some of these are amateur porn films and some are recorded Jerkmate sessions, so you're sure to find some thing you can jerk off to. Best of all, this whole porn library is free.


There's a lot to enjoy about The number of active users makes finding that perfect wank-partner a walk in the park. You can enjoy the majority of the site's functions for free, and even though you need a valid payment to sign up, you won't be charged unless you try to use some of the premium features.

I think this website is legit one of the smoothest cam sites in the world. If you're looking for a sleek, clean design as the backdrop for your wank sessions, Jerkmate has you covered.


The only two downsides I could find is that the initial trial is very short. You're limited to two randomly-selected cams and that's it. If you happen to be thrown in with two cam girls who aren't doing much, it can really kill the experience. The second negative is that there are a few backhanded ways the site tries to get you to upgrade to premium. I know it's easy to be careless when you're jerking off, so look look out for hidden payment options.


Jerkmate is by far one of the best cam websites online. It makes the bold claim that it will hook you up with a masturbation partner and it delivers on that promise well. In addition to the thousands of hot women, the huge video tube library means that you have endless choices of hardcore material to jerk it too. For a relatively new site, has a lot going for it.