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It's no secret that mature ladies are the hottest type of women out there. They're independent, classy, experienced, and they're more than happy to take charge in the bedroom.

They've become the most sought-after ladies in the adult industry, whether in porn videos or the escorting world. Not to mention that most straight guys out there would much prefer to bang a mature woman than a teen or younger girl. So, we've compiled all the information you could need to getting down and dirty with a sexy, experienced hottie tonight.

We've got the best places for mature related content as well as the secret to hooking up with a mature cougars, MILFs and GILFS. If that sounds like your idea of heaven, read on for our guide to fucking mature babes.

What's A Mature Woman?

The term mature can be difficult to classify because it's an all-encompassing term.

One of the main criteria for a mature woman is that they're on the older side, maybe forty plus. This can include MILFs, cougars, grannies and anything inbetween. Of course, being mature doesn't necessarily have to do with a woman's age, as it can come down to their personality.

Providing a woman isn't childish and needy, they could easily be classed as a mature woman. However, you usually finds that younger ladies still have these traits, whereas mature women are more independant, caring and attentive.

The Beauty Of Mature Women

Mature women have everything a man could want. Confidence? Check. Sexual experience? Check. Do they know their way around a dick? You bet your ass they do. Mature women have been around the block a lot more than their younger counterparts, so they know exactly what they're looking for from a man. And in most cases, it's casual sex, discreet hookups and illicit affairs.

These women have done the whole relationships thing years ago. They might even have been married or had kids. And once they've got been there, done that, they usually go back to life's simple pleasures; things like fucking, sucking and getting themselves off.

You won't find any game-playing with a mature woman. They know what they want and they're not afraid to tell you. Sex with a mature woman is a much more rewarding experience because they've already discovered what works for them. There'll be no awkward experimentation or fumbling around, just mind-blowing sex from start to finish.

Hot Mature Porn Videos

If there's one porn videos site which showcases why mature babes are so incredible, it's MatureTube. This free site has been around for almost 12 years, and it's got more mature porn videos that you could watch in a lifetime. If you click the Categories link at the top of the page, you'll be shown more mature related categories that you could possibly imagine. Everything from mature gangbang to medieval is free for your viewing pleasure. The site is mostly made up of videos from amateur babes and amateur models, but you'll find the occasional pornstar in there too. Each video comes with related content too, allowing you to continue browsing and jerking off with ease.

If MatureTube is a bit too amateur for your liking, there's always the classic Pornhub. As you probably know, it's a mature porn videos paradise, with free content, thousands of related videos and categories, and has been the go-to porn site for many years for mature related content.

Another great porn videos site for mature fucking is With enough free videos and mature related categories to keep you busy for days, this site is broken down into so many sub categories that you'll be able to filter down to your perfect videos with ease. Just take a look at the amazing clips and related videos on offer on the homepage.

Dating Apps For Mature Women

For many years now, swipe-apps like Tinder have been the place mostly related to finding casual sex. But when it comes to mature women, apps like Tinder and Bumble don't really work. These kinds of sites cater to the younger crowd; teens and early twenties, so if you want to find a mature fuck, you're going to have look elsewhere.

One way is to hit the town and hope for the best. You could try chatting up some mature ladies in the clubs but this won't guarantee sex. In fact, it could take a long time for you to get any success with this method. Mature women aren't hunting for dick in person anymore, they're finding it in more discreet ways.

What's the secret? Well, we'll tell you.

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