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Craigslist has always been a place close to my heart. It was one of the few search sites which united us all and made the world an easier place to navigate. Need to search for a new sofa? Craigslist has you covered. Need to search for a new place to live? Craigslist to the rescue again. New car? New job? A Craigslist search will sort you out.

Many years ago, I did a search on Craigslist for a new job, and within a day I had found three potential new positions. One of those jobs turned into my career and I've never looked back since. That's the power of a Craigslist search - it helps people connect. It doesn't matter if you're in different cities or different countries, it's the world's most popular classifieds search page - and for good reason.

But in recent years, Craigslist has been on something of a decline. It still gets 10 million unique hits a day, but search results have dropped off on Craigslist's most popular pages drastically since 2017.

Why the drop in active search results? Well, Craigslist once had a personals section which united people looking for love. Whether this was someone doing a search for a new relationship, a hookup or anything in between, you could search for anything in the Craigslist personal section and you'd always find it.

However, the Craigslist connections page came with a few search issues. Sure, it united people in love, but it was also a haven for sex traffickers to search out potential customers to pimp out their workers to. In 2018, the US Senate passed a bill known as HR1865, which allowed authorities to prosecute search websites like Craigslist which united sex workers with clients. It was a sad day for Craigslist, and it actually saw the Craigslist app drop by over 6 million users in a single day.

Craigslist bid farewell to 20 years of personals with the message: 'To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through Craigslist, we wish you every happiness!'

A tragic day in Craigslist history, but as always, several search sites popped up to take its place, such as Switter, Adult Search and Bedpage. While nothing has yet reached the dizzying heights that Craigslist clambered to, some new pages are doing their best to fill Craigslist's admittedly large shoes.

What Happened To Craigslist?

Clamping down on the sex industry has always been a high priority of the US government. Exactly why remains a mystery, but it likely has something to do with the hefty amount of dollars which pass through the sex industry which aren't being taxed. According to officials, places like Craigslist, Reddit and Adult Search were hubs of online adult activity.

It's a fair point, but instead of taking steps to legalize sex work and make it easier for workers to search for clients (and clients to search for working girls, like Craigslist did), the higher-ups have taken a much different stance: closing down the adult industry altogether.

Unfortunately for these officials, porn is here to stay, whether it's through Craigslist or any other site. There's just simply too much of a demand for it to ever go away (every day, 70 million people search for porn). Even if it was banned from the internet, people would still find a way to distribute it. Hell, the internet is overflowing with illegal stuff, and it can all easily be found with a Google search. There's no doubt that a porn search would be no different.

Instead, the government turned their focus escorts and the search sites which allowed people to search and connect with them. Back in the day, Craigslist had a section called 'Craigslist erotic services' where people could advertise and search for working girls. In 2009, this changed its name to 'Craigslist adult services' and came with harsher moderation from Craigslist staff. Finally, only a year later, Craigslist eventually removed the adult services page and ceased any attempt to search for escorts through Craigslist entirely.

The super-popular personals section of Craigslist stayed in place, but these were much less explicit than the adult services page. However, in 2018, the sex industry took a big hit as a result of a new law against sex trafficking, and Craigslist was the biggest site to be hit. It mostly affected Craigslist pages in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. However, Craigslist rolled out an international change to its search pages which are still in place today.

Where Did Craigslist Personals Go?

In 2018, Craigslist, Reddit, Backpage and other new sites were all affected by two new laws scalled FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) and SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act). It changed Craigslist forever.

The laws were brought in due to the fact that many of the erotic services offered through places like Craigslist weren't being posted by consensual sex workers. They were being posted by sex traffickers who were pimping out young girls who were abducted and forced into the sex trade.

The new laws made it so any site caught advertising the services of escorts could be fined a significant amount of money, so most decided to shut down their adult sections entirely. Craigslist was one such site, although it was initially thought that a site as big as Craigslist might be immune to such a bill.

The issue, however, was that the FOSTA-SESTA law made it impossible to distinguish between valid, consensual sex workers and girls who had been trafficked.

These new closures hit low-income adult workers significantly because places like Craigslist and Adult Search were some of the few free places they could search and advertise. Sites which were less popular than Craigslist, which were harder for authorities to find, often charged a fee to post and so these were only really used by the high-end workers. Likewise, many escort agencies took a significant cut of an escort's earnings, which often meant they were left with very little at the end of the day.

Perhaps the worst thing, however, was that the new laws had the opposite effect of what they intended. It was thought that FOSTA-SESTA would put an end to sex trafficking, but all it did was drive the industry away from Craigslist and further underground. The illegal sex trade still takes place, but now, it's harder than ever for authorities to find. It was a double-edged sword, but when sex traffickers used Craigslist and Adult Search to post their ads, at least law enforcement had a chance to trace them.

In October 2018, in the city of San Francisco, sex trafficking crimes had tripled since the previous year. Similarly in New York City, arrests for loitering for the purposes of prostitution increased by an incredible 180%. It was the first time that sex-related crimes had gone up in twenty years.

Escorts are now in more danger than ever, having resorted to roaming city streets day and night. Researchers actually found that since the creation of the Craigslist search page, female homicide victims reduced from 27% to 17% across US cities. It seems that Craigslist wasn't just a place to connect adult workers, Craigslist actually helped keep down violence rates.

What Happened To Escorts Who Used Craigslist?

Unfortunately, many of the sex workers who found clients through Craigslist, Reddit and Adult Search were forced to go elsewhere. However, the FOSTA bill stretched far and wide, affecting pretty much every adult worker website on the internet. So just like Craigslist, most similar sites were forced to shut down too, effectively leaving escorts and adult workers to fend for themselves. Nowhere online was safe for them to advertise. A search for 'escorts in my area' went from yielding 2 million results in 2017 to just 300,000 in 2018. No one wanted to search for sex workers in case their search was flagged by authorities.

The lack of Craigslist had a damning effect on the adult industry as a whole, because it forced sex workers to go rogue and search out alternative ways to get themselves out there. Certainly, some of the more popular sex workers were able to sustain their income through repeat clients and word-of-mouth work. But the less popular working girls who relied on Craigslist, or the ladies which were new on the scene, were forced back onto the streets.

A lot of them had to go and work for pimps, massage parlors and escort agencies. Or even worse, they had to prowl the streets alone in search of customers, exposing themself to the many hazards that come with such a job. The number of escorts who are physically assaulted, abducted or killed during their work is staggering, and the majority of these victims are girls who openly wandered into a stranger's car. At least from behind a screen, there would be conversation trails and IP addresses to track offenders down, but when dealing with a street attack, this isn't an option.

Other adult workers tried to advertise their services alone despite the new laws. They took to social media, their own personal websites and forums to offer themselves to potential clients, but none of them had the reach which a Craigslist search had.

Is There A New Craigslist?

No site has yet united cities in the same way Craigslist has, but a few similar escort search sites are gaining popularity.

If it's purely sex workers you're looking to search for, there's nowhere better than Switter. You can't search for a new car, a new bed or a used Manchester United shirt on here (well you can search for them, but you won't find much), but you'll find an endless choice of working girls on here, many of which actually migrated from Craigslist. Switter allows escorts, both new and experienced, to advertise their services, post pictures of themselves and seek out potential customers.

Likewise, Adult Search is another fantastic hub to search for escorts. It took a hit during once the FOSTA bill was introduced, but unlike Craigslist, it's managed to bounce back. Much like Switter and Craigslist, it's a free platform for ladies of the oldest profession to post ads and pictures as a way to search out potential clients. The reason Adult Search is able to get around the FOSTA laws is because Adult Search's headquarters aren't located in the US. Adult Search is actually a New Zealand-based company, so the chances of them being hit as hard as Craigslist was is small.

Bedpage is another app which picks up where Craigslist left off. Like Craigslist, it's broken down by US state and then further down into cities and metropolitan zones. Try and search for whatever kink takes your fancy and you'll find hundreds of thousands of search results, since Bedpage has a very active community of both clients and escorts.

For example, a simple search for 'Alabama' will bring up a list of search results categorized by search type, such as Adult, Jobs, Services and Real Estate. Head into the adult section and search results are broken down even further, into things like Escorts, Strip Clubs, Sugar Babies and Dom & Fetish. Needless to say, you can search for pretty much whatever you want on Bedpage and be able to find it. There's also a whole portion of the site dedicated to other aspects of living, much like Craigslist. Put simply, Bedpage is the closest thing you'll find to Craigslist on the whole internet.

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