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Is USA Sex Guide Legit? Full Review

In this day and age, just about every aspect of our life has a reviews site – Goodreads for the bookworms, Amazon for the consumers, Glassdoor for the jobseekers. Although Black Mirror showed us the horrors that await us for ranking each other on social media, the idea of rating people in certain situations persists – and reviewing sex workers and escorts is one of those times. That's where USASexGuide comes in.

Since around 2002, USA Sex Guide is supposed to be a mecca for knowing all about which escorts provide handily and which ones fall short. It's basically a huge information forum, sort of like Reddit or Craigslist, but broken down by US state and then further broken down into cities and metropolitan areas. It helps you find adult workers in any city with ease and also lets you know how good they are.

But is USA Sex Guide legit, or will a site like this always be a little biased? Is there even any use for escort review sites? Read on to find out everything you need to know about USASexGuide.

First Impressions

At first glance, USA Sex Guide looks just like one of those old forum sites – kind of like a Reddit that provides sexy Yelp services. But with the overload of information on the USASexGuide front page, it doesn't make it clear what this site actually does. It's a barrage of text and adult links, and there's nothing which summarizes exactly what USASexGuide is about.

It always takes a little lurking to get the hang of sites such as this, but USASexGuide needs you to pay a little more attention than most. On the front page, you see a list of threads with recent reports front and center. Each of these threads start with their location, and are followed up with the topic, usually anything from vague themes like escort reports in Philadelphia to specifics such as “BBFS Bareback in Portland.” If you’re looking for the deets in a certain town, search the forums by popular cities including Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Tacoma.

If you're looking to meet an escort, you'll need to head to the forum. Here, things get a little clearer. While there isn’t a system of ranking escorts out of five stars, there are community-driven posts on experiences with escorts around the country. For example, if you head into the Florida forum, then into Orlando, you'll find about 8 threads, all regarding different adult workers around the city. Most of them are positive comments, but several aren't.

Peppered throughout these straightforward offerings are sneaky and potentially dangerous ads. Along the top, there are tabs that direct you to other pages on USA Sex Guide, like “What’s New?” a photo gallery, and abbreviations. Slipped between these are external links to “FREE VIAGRA” and escort webcams. Sites that sneaks in links to outside ads always put me on edge.

With such a divided first impression, I wasn’t sure how to feel – is this site the real deal, or a springboard for viruses?


When you click on the top forums tab on the USASexGuide homepage, you’re redirected to a list broken down perby state. Each state’s page offers up a long list of their most popular cities and towns, as well as an “other areas” tab. From there, you can view threads which include general reports, craigslist advertisers reviews, truck stop reports, and reports for massage parlors and strip clubs. Each one of these hosts exactly what you’d expect: reviews of workers from each of those corners of the sex world.

It’s not only those threads you can peep through. Craigslist Reviews featuring feedback on escorts from major cities is a popular section, as is the list of users currently online, and admin forums where users can give feedback on and troubleshoot USASexGuide.

Last but not least, there’s a “Special Interest” category featuring things like Anal Conoisseurs, Jokes & Humorous Stories, Penis Enlargement, and Dating Agencies. Some of these links look scammy, but if you’re curious and willing to take the plunge, feel free to dive in - just be cautious and keep your antivirus / ad-blocker handy.


Creeping through the forums is totally free, so you can look over what other people have said and their feedback on local services without any commitments or logins that link you to the site. However, if you want,  you can sign up for free to become a member and create threads, discuss with others, comment on girls, respond to community questions, and contribute to the pool of reviews. The place is easy to navigate and there's a large amount of content for members to get through, so signing up for an account is recommended.

However, it seems that USASexGuide missed a trick when it comes to communication between members. If you click onto another user's profile, all you will find is their post count. It seems like an oversight that private messages aren't allowed, especially on a website which is designed to encourage adult work. Many an escort will post on USASexGuide directly, so being able to message them should really be a standard feature.


What use does USASexGuide provide, really? In theory, it’s pretty cool to be able to see what sex workers in your area are like before making an appointment. At its best, this could be a community of people that helps each other have amazing sex and find stellar local workers for one unforgettable time. Being able to read 'honest' reviews and share your own experiences has got its use, but that's where things fall down for me. How many of these testimonies are genuine?

It's also pretty useful that USASexGuide covers pretty much every subsection of the adult world in their forums. If you dig into your city's forum pages, you'll find mention of strip clubs, gloryholes, adult entertainment stores and many other aspects of adult activity which might interest you.


If a site sounds too good to be true, that’s because it almost always is – and this site is no exception. For starters, think about the kinds of people who post reviews. Even when it’s as convenient as an app like Yelp, people generally have to be super influenced to make a post. Because of this, USASexGuide turns out to be little more than nastiness at its worst. 

The premise, while interesting, is totally flawed, and promotes only one kind of review: sensationalized horror stories that keep adult workers on the bottom. Also, there’s no moderation controlling which former clients post, meaning that some of these users claiming to be a worker’s old client are actually their former pimp or ex-boyfriend who’s angry and looking to wreck that woman’s professional reputation out of vengeance. 

To make it worse, there are nonconsensually-posted nudes on this site. The women in the photos deserve to benefit from these being posted (hopefully by drumming up business), but users almost always post these pictures without linking to the worker’s ad or contact info, and probably never ask if it’s alright first.

Even more questionable, sex workers and their clients have also complained on the Reddit site that any comments encouraging safe sex or against bareback full service (BBFS) are deleted and flagged. Generally, it’s a major warning sign if the admins in control don’t want people using protection to have fun. 

If you’re totally not discouraged by any of these serious concerns, consider this: USA Sex Guide site has been around since 2002, and the numbers remain shockingly low. Instead, they’re conflated because of how long this site has been around. Hollywood’s forum threads, for example, boast over two thousand reports. Sounds good, right? It is...until you realize that number also includes all archived posts the past 17+ years. It turns out, over a thousand were from 2002-2004. Suddenly, that number sounds pretty sad for Hollywood.


If you can’t respect women working in one of the most difficult and dangerous industries, then you don’t deserve to be having sex with them. Plain and simple. The babes working the web and the streets are doing their best to make a living in this tricky field, and disrespecting them only gives you the worst service. USASexGuide is okay if you're looking to travel somewhere new and want to access information about the seedier parts of the city, but more often than not, it falls flat on its face.

USA Sex Guide takes a genuinely useful idea - providing honest reviews of sex workers - but fails in execution of delivering that promise. Truth be told, it's not really site's fault that it's been exploited by vengeful exes and pimps, but a little more moderation of the place wouldn't hurt.

If you’re a client of any integrity, you’ll stay far, far away from USA Sex Guide. Want to be a better client? Check out Reddit’s sex worker forum to see the way class act clients interact with workers. Alternatively, read the reviews and information on pages like Switter, Adult Search and Bedpage since they're much more established. Escort sites are getting better all the time. There are better ones to use than USA Sex Guide.