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Why Thick Girls Are The Hottest Thing Right Now

If you've spent any time on the internet recently, you've probably heard the term thick, or thicc.

You probably think you know what thick girls look like, right? They're usually hot, shapely babes with a bootilicious backside and thighs you could get lost in. But hold on right there - that's not all there is to it! There's a little more to thick girls than just their voluptuous assets, and we're here to tell you all about it. Thick girls are redefining modern beauty standards with their hot bodies, to the point that every woman out there is striving for the thicc look.

If you want to become a thicc chick connoisseur then read on, because we've compiled everything you need to know about these fuller-figured hotties.

What Does It Mean To Be A Thick Girl?

When it comes to size, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj and Kim Kardashian all have one thing in common, and we don't just mean the size of their bank accounts. We're talking about the size of their asses. In the press recently, all three of them have been described as thick girls. But what does this mean?

Thick is used to describe a woman with a more curvier, shapelier figure than their skinny peers. What we might have termed an 'hourglass' figure or a 'pear shaped body' in years gone by has now been replaced with the term thick.

Over the past few years, thicc has made its way into mainstream media and 'thick girls' has become an acceptable term to refer to a babe who doesn't boast the classic skinny, big-breasted profile. It's usually girls with shapely asses, wide hips and big thighs which get smacked with the 'thick girls' label.

What's The Difference Between Thick And Fat?

There are some notable differences between thick girls and fat girls, although the lines get a little blurry the deeper you get into it. Some people think that thicc has just become the acceptable term for fat, but there's much more going on than that.

In the mainstream media, thick girls don't always have everything that makes them thick. For example, you might find a babe with a perfectly streamlined body but a huge juicy backside as result of hardcore gym sessions. It's true that it's become quite trendy to have a massive ass these days, which is why you'll see so many babes chasing the thick girls look by squatting daily, and of course, we're definitely not complaining about that! There's nothing more alluring than a backside you can grab on to.

And that's where the difference been thick girls and fat girls lie. It's in the distribution of weight around the body. In simple terms, a fat girl will have most of her weight in the upper body (big chests, big stomachs, big waistline), giving off a more rounded shape. By contrast, thick girls store most of their weight in their lower body (big butt, wide hips, big thighs, smaller waistline). Thick girls tend to be a little more tighter than straight up fat girls, with less hanging or drooping fat.

Why Thick Girls Are So Hot

Not only do thick girls have everything a man could want; a tight body with a little more cushion, but they're also changing the world for women.

For decades, the gold standard of beauty has been skinny blondes with heavy chests, but thick girls are changing our whole perception of that. In reality, very few ladies out there reach the unattainable standards set by models and Hollywood starlets, which is why we're seeing more and more celebrities with big asses and juicy thighs grace our screens and our glossy pages. This is what real women look like, so it's giving similar-looking women out there a bit more confidence to be themselves.

Thanks to babes like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and other thick girls, everyday ladies who might have a few extra pounds now feel more comfortable dressing sexier and showing a little more skin when they're out and about. Thick women are redefining what it means to be attractive, and now, curvier women aren't afraid to be themselves.

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