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How To Make Her Scream 'Fuck Me!'

'Fuck me' is one of those universal phrases which translates the same in every language. In some places it means 'you gotta be kidding me' and other places it can mean 'that's amazing.'

But the entire world over, 'fuck me' is the universal phrase uttered by people who want to get fucked harder during sex. It means the person banging them is doing a good job, and they want it deeper and faster. Admittedly, it's mostly women who use it, usually when they're being pounded by a thick slab of dick.

But more importantly, 'fuck me' is a sign you're doing well, and that's what every guy thrives for inside the confines of the bedroom. So, what we've got here is a few ways to guarantee that your lucky fuck partner is scream 'fuck me' time and time again when you're going at it. We've put together some handy hints to increase her pleasure, and we've also got a few tips about where to find the kind of women who enjoy being injected with a healthy dose of cock.

'Fuck Me' Porn Videos

First of all, you need to know what you're aiming towards. So, head over to Pornhub.com and do a search for 'fuck me.' Look at the first few results. Fuck Me Like A Good Little Slut, Amateur Screams Out Fuck Me During Sex - watch these and take notes.

The goal is to give women toe-curling thrills which send them into an involuntary orgasmic overdrive. You want her nipples to be rock hard, her hips arched up off the bed and her eyes rolled back in their head. If she's able to get out any words other than 'fuck me,' 'fuck my pussy,' or 'don't fucking stop' then you're doing something wrong. She should be breathless, panting and sweating like a lesbian at a fish market.

By the time it's over, you should both collapse in a heap and not be able to say anything for several minutes. That's the sign of a good fuck, and it means you've done the best job you can. Not only will it be an exhilerating experience and make you feel like a bona fide stud, but it will be a memorable experience that she'll cherish forever. And that means that when she's recovered from her soreness in a few days' time, she'll give you a call to do it again.

Pay Attention To The Important Areas

Think of the pussy pounding as the main course. Before that, you need your starters.

To blow a woman's mind in bed, you need to hit every erogenous zone during sex. Stimulating these areas will heighten her sensitivity to penetration, effectively supercharging your thrusts to Sex God-levels.

When your mouth is in range, wrap them around her nipples and suck until the point they harden. Be aware that most of the sensitivity in a woman's breast comes from her areolas, not her nipples, so be sure to use your tongue generously around these parts.

Different women will have different erogenous zones (although nipples, asshole, tongue and G-spot are universal). Communicate, ask her what turns her on and then do it mid-shag. Anything from her neck, her lips, her forearms, her stomach and even her feet can be super sensitive to touch when she's turned on.

It's All About The G-Spot

While we're on the subject of erogenous zones, never, ever neglect the G-spot. Less than 20% of women are even able to orgasm without clitoral support, so you need to spend some time knock knock knockin' on the devil's doorbell.

The G-spot is the forbidden door to endless pleasure, so overlooking it during sex is nothing short of a criminal offense. Stimulating the clitoris while you're balls-deep in her is a sure fire way to get her screaming like a teenager in a Halloween movie, and while it takes a little rhythm to get right, it's easy with a little practice.

When you're taking her missionary, place your dominant hand palm-down on her pussy and use the thumb to pleasure the clitoris. Don't stop thrusting and don't stop rubbing, and you'll have her screaming the bedroom down in a matter of seconds.

Give Her The Shocker

If your fuck partner doesn't mind a little back door action, hitting her with the shocker will send shockwaves through her from head to toe.

Two in the pink, one in the stink. It even rhymes, so you know it's good. Throw up your index, middle and little fingers, then lower your ring finger and keep it down with your thumb. This is the shocker, a variation of the Spocker which is a little more comfortable for the receiver.

Once she's leaking like a broken hosepipe, slip the larger fingers into her fuck hole and use your little finger to pleasure her asshole. If she's not fully into anal play, you can just use the little finger to tease her. It doesn't have to go right up her pooper. The combination of vaginal penetration and anal stimulation will send her wild.

Cheat With Sex Toys

A dildo is basically a big dick which never gets soft. A vibrator is basically a hand which never gets tired. Why not use them to your advantage?

Incorporating sex toys is not only kinky as hell, but it makes your job as the orgasm-giver easier. Think of your sex session as a maths exam, and sex toys are the calculator you've snuck in to the auditorium. When you're banging away like a door in the wind, hold the vibrator to her clit to give her otherwordly pleasure without you having to lift a finger. By the same token, you can insert a dildo into her pussy while you're putting your tongue to good use down there.

Another sex hack is to use tingle lube on her sensitive areas. Apply a small dose of it on her nipples or her clitoris before you start the penetrative action and let the tingling heighten her arousal.

Keep It French

France is the sex capital of the world for good reason. Those guys invented French kissing, which has since become the worldwide language of intimacy.

Putting that tongue and lips against hers during your fuck session will increase intimacy and passion for the both of you. It might seem like nothing, but as mentioned above, the tongue and lips are two of the most sensitive areas on the body, so add some oral pleasure to the proceedings for a mind blowing sensation. Besides, keeping her mouth busy will give her a break from screaming.

Keep Your Rhythm

When she's about to climax, a woman's body will go through a few changes. She'll start breathing more heavily, her vagina will tense up, she'll get significantly wetter, she might start thrusting her hips. When she's doing this, you might be tempted to adjust your thrusting to suit.

But DON'T.

Do not change a thing. Power through and maintain the same rhythm throughout. The last thing she wants is a change in sensation when she's on the vinaigrette strokes. This will result in a much more powerful orgasm for her.

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