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Adult Look Escort Search- Full Review Here

It hasn't been an easy few years for the adult industry. Back in 2018, a lot of escort search sites were closed down as a result of new law. Backpage, Craigslist and Bedpage all took a big hit, leaving a gaping hole for people trying to find escort services, escort reviews, and anything else relating to the adult industry. Every working girl who used these sites as their main contact with clients had to find other ways to make an income.

Some sites stepped up to fill the boots, but very few have been able to actually do so. In 2020, we're still on the search for an escort hub which brings escorts and clients together.

This is where AdultLook comes in.

AdultLook is what Backpage would look like if it got rid of all the listings for used cars and furnite. It's a search site dedicated solely to the escorts industry, but how does it compare to similar sites? Jump in and see for yourself, because we've compiled everything you need to know about here.

First Impressions

From the get-go, there isn't much to see on Adult, just a simple list of countries in alphabetical order. Search for yours and click, then you’ll be guided to a list of states or regions, and eventually, city. As simple as that, you’re in.

This easy access hooks you up for sex and services ASAP with little-to-no hassle. From its first glance, is a site for professionals, and one with all your needs in mind. has a bare bones approach is the best way to handle a site like this, because you're definitely going to be clicking through a few pages. The last thing you want is an overload of information bogging you down.

Anonymity is at the forefront of's services. Any search you make is totally private. You don't have to sign in or verify your identity with an email address. You won't find any ads on here either. You might see a few cleverly-disguised links which take you to affiliate pages for other companies peddling their services, but they're easy to find and weed out once you get the hang of things.

Not only does make it easy to search and find your perfect working girl, but it's also an escort reviews website. In the same way you can search for a girl, you can search for escort reviews to find out which ones are hot which ones are not.


There’s a lot going to like on For starters, when you search through cities in your state, you don’t just get a list of places; you get a small number on the side of each city, letting you know how many ads there are in each location. If there are over 50 ads, the number appears in green, letting you know you’re looking at a more active city.

Once you click on a city, you’ll see your options divided into several different categories to shop from:

  • Female Escorts
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Transsexual Escorts
  • Body Rubs
  • Domination
  • Escort Agencies
  • Male Escorts for Males
  • Massage Parlors
  • Male Escorts for Females

However, don’t expect to find all offerings in each city. In fact, male escorts (no matter the gender they service) are the hardest to search for hands down. If that’s what you wanna search for, you’re best off to search on another site.

Once you choose an option and click your first ad, you’ll be pleased to notice how detailed they are. Instead of the anonymity of Craigslist Personals, which were a real mixed bag, is all about attention to the fine print. That’s why most ads on feature in-depth information – not only escorts' physical stats, but things like whether they have implants, if they’re 420 friendly, and for trans* escorts, the functionality of their plumbing.

But that's not all. Once you dig a little deeper, things get even more detailed. You can often find out what escorts' are willing to do with you, what to expect, and their rates, so you can go in knowing exactly what each provider offers before even giving them a call.

Finally, feel free to search forums to troubleshoot and swap experiences. You can even leave escort reviews of the workers you’ve seen, and read other people’s feedback beforehand so you know what to expect. It's a nice little addition which helps add a sense of legitimacy to the site.


To search for a girl, dom, parlor experience, or just a good rub down, is totally free of charge – you don’t need to fork over money for contact information or anything essential. But if you want extra special attention, consider upgrading to the VIP package with one of four monthly rates:

  • 1 Month for $8.33
  • 3 Months for $23.74 (a 5% discount)
  • 6 Months for $42.48 (a 15% discount)
  • 12 Months for $69.97 (a 30% discount)

Opting for a VIP membership gives you many perks, such as

  • Unlimited access to search the forums
  • New search parameters
  • Private messages
  • VIP-exclusive escort reviews
  • Saved search criteria
  • The option to exclude specific profiles from search results
  • Ad-free browsing (which means a faster web experience for you!)
  • Custom email alerts for new escort reviews, local ads, or updated photos

While none of these perks are necessary per se, it is a nice option people who are regulars on this site and looking for recurring escorts. Personally, I don’t think private messages are worth it when you can access their email and phone number through their ads for free, but if you want to message a provider without worrying about crossing wires with your personal email and phone number, springing for VIP may just keep you in the clear.


There's a lot to love about Professionals who use the site swear by it up and down, which is good for clients, too. That means that legit workers are posting ads – and they’re telling their escort friends about it, too.

I really like that you can see the last time an escort was online, letting you know how much attention they’re paying to their post. People who have come on recently are more promising, as they’re a little more active, available, and willing to connect. 

Currently, sex work is illegal in most of the United States. Having this site be internationally based with service providers stateside is a compromise that keeps the site from getting shut down, so you can keep browsing without worrying.

The reviews are left by honest, real-life clients and from what I can tell, there (amazingly) isn't many fake reviews on the page. Search results can be further broken down by personal preference, making your search for your perfect escort that much easier. The whole page can also be translated into several common languages if English isn't your mother tongue.


For all the good this site has to offer, the fact remains that some parts of just don't have much traffic. While many western countries are well-catered to, there are some parts of the world which have a little activity going on. It's no different to a lot of similar search sites, but it means that if you're in a less populated country, you might have more look on a big-name dating app.

In addition, even though there are a lot of real people and some good details on each ad, look out for the scam-like links along the top of each page. They’re tricky, blending in as regular old hyperlinks, which can easily fool users into thinking it’s a safe extension of Adult Clicking on those could land you in a site that’s crawling with spyware or wants to charge you money with little promise of anything delivered – so be careful.


Adult is no Backpage, but it’s legit, it’s organized, and it has all the details you need at no cost. Always be cautious and ask for secondary verification (like a link to one of their ads posted elsewhere) so you know you’re not getting catfished.

As far as search and escort reviews sites go, is one of the best you'll find. If you just want to browse, you could even use as a porn website thanks to all the hot pictures dotted around. It doesn't matter what city you're in, has a reasonably active community all across the globe, and can connect you with escorts of every size, shape, age and race.

As long as you’re safe out there and play the game right, you’ll have one helluva time on