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Well Hello placed Gag Order - New app allows local users to find and fuck each other within 24 hours.

Is Well Hello Legit? Dating App Review

Another day, another dating app to review. Today, we're going to review a fairly new app on the block.

WellHello has all the makings of a great dating app. It doesn't come with a gimmick, simply straightforward dating, hooking up and helping people find fuckbuddies. But how does it match up to the apps on the market?

In this WellHello review, we're going to give you all the information you need to know. What are the odds of you finding casual sex on Well Hello? How much does it cost? Is it the new Tinder? Read on for our full WellHello review.

First Impressions

Despite the colorful and eye-catching homepage, Well Hello looks like your bog standard scam site. Lots of sample profile photos of women who are way too hot to be on a dating site, all of whom have stripper names like Honeygirl, Crystal and Destiny. Below these obviously not-real pictures, there's a few short paragraphs guaranteeing that Well Hello will help you find your next hookup, girlfriend or swinger couple in record time.

Naturally, I was very dubious. There were already two big red flags which screamed that Well Hello wasn't what it claimed to be. Things improved slightly during registration when it asked me for an email address to verify my age and identity (something which most scam sites don't include), but things quickly went downhill straight afterwards. I checked the terms and conditions and was met with this revealing passage:


This pretty much confirms that most of the people on this dating site are going to be fake, but I persevered on regardless. I signed up, provided an email then got going. But right away, the fakes were out in full force. I was bombared with messages despite being a brand new member with a blank bio. Some begged me to join their private streams, some 'invited' me to upgrade to Well Hello's premium package, and one just straight-up asked me for my credit card details.

I always say that if you want to pull off a good scam, at least put some effort into it. WellHello. com doesn't even do that.


Well Hello has a lot of explicit imagery going on, another major red flag. While WellHello. com is marketed as a dating site, the topless photos and banners for porn sites and say otherwise. The menu at the top of screen boasted an area called 'XXX Videos' which, you guessed it, was a hub of adult content. On the plus side, the access to the whole porn library was free, but why would someone come to a dating site to look at porn? There are plenty of non-dating sites which do that.

Browsing the WellHello .com homepage was a little like driving the wrong way down a busy road. I was trying to access the sites menus, but I was too overloaded with pop ups and advertisements to click anything. I logged out and back in again, and right after putting in my password, I was greeted with a 'please upgrade your membership' message. This isn't a good look for WellHello.

After some messing around, I was finally able to search for other singles in my area. WellHello .com uses the classic dating site approach rather than the swipe approach, meaning I was free to browse users as I saw fit. You don't have to wait for 'matches' before being able to message people.

But once again, things took a drastic downturn. Almost all of the profiles of 'girls in my area' were fake. It was obvious right from the gallery photos of pornstars and Instagram models (I seriously doubt Katie Bell uses dating sites), but their profiles were even more sledge hammer. In their bios, most of them offered very little information other than a 'button' which links to porn sites (ones which I assume are affiliated with Well Hello).

Features wise, there's not a lot else to shout about on Well Hello. It has a 'matching' system like most modern dating sites, which is basically just a list of people near your location, since WellHello doesn't provide any other critera to match people together. Activity wise, the site claims to have 2 million members, but it doesn't take a genius to work out that that's not true at all.

I was able to chat with several other members, but as expected, these members existed purely in digital form. If their profiles didn't make it obvious they weren't real, their dialogue certainly did. But after exchanging several messages (including being set some risque 'private photos'), WellHello prompted me to upgrade for the hundredth time in an hour.


Unlimited messaging is only available to those with a premium account, along with a few other 'perks'. These include:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Send and receive unlimited photos
  • Send Well Hello 'flirts'
  • View members' videos
  • Video chat
  • Find out which members have viewed your profile
  • Leave user reviews / testimonies
  • Visible email addresses

Price breakdown for WellHello's premium package is as follows:

  • 1 month - $39.99
  • 12 months - $139.99

Damn, talk about expensive. For an online dating site with very little to boast about, these offers sure are steep. WellHello .com obviously incentivizes its members to go for the 12 month package, but the price disparency between the first and second membership package is yet another red flag. There's also a trial option for $2.99 which gives you full access to everything for a measly 24 hours. I didn't think this review could get any more negative, but looking at these costs, it certainly has.


This review needs some positives. I'm really scraping the barrell here, but there are two positives about WellHello.

The first is that you'll get to see some good looking men and women. Sure, they're internet models, adult stars and whatever else, but I'd rather look at them than some blank background.

Secondly, and this might seem counter-intuitive, but WellHello is so obviously a scam site that pretty much no one will fall for it. Some dating apps do well to disguise their devious nature, and it can be quite easy to fall for it at times. However, WellHello makes it obvious, and the likelihood of anyone purchasing a subscription to this site is slim. A small number of gullible folk may be lured in by the promise that they'll meet the man or woman of your dreams, but most won't.


Where to start? WellHello is one of the worst dating apps I've ever used, and I've used them all.

First of all, the fact that WellHello uses your email address to 'confirm' you're real is a real carny move. It lures people in by pretending to be legit, then immediately pulls the rug from under your feet.

By and large the biggest turn-off is the endless number of fake profiles on the site. It's completely off the charts. Any other dating community will use a fake account sporadically, but WellHello hits you over the head with these virtual ladies, as if its users are too gullible to know the difference between a real woman and a woman with model good-looks calling herself CumAddictKate who is begging someone with a blank profile for sex.

Navigating the site is a minefield. Not only does the layout need a good makeover (on both desktop website and app versions), but the bombardment of pop ups is enough to drive any would-be dater insane. If someone's on a dating app, they're not going to care about a link to a review / porn site. Unfortunately, Well Hello thinks otherwise.

WellHello has been in existence for two years, and I understand that all dating sites have to start somewhere. However, WellHello don't seem concerned with the fact their dating site is obviously just a front for their other business ventures.

When it comes to membership prices, WellHello employs the carny approach to business. Get in, get money, get out. They're not concerned with keeping members or providing an enjoyable experience. They want one-time payments from users (hence the huge disparency between 1-month and 12-month packages) and nothing else.

Lastly, in the terms and conditions of the site, WellHello claims that it will sometimes use your 'likeness' to advertise its other services on affiliate sites. What this means in non-bullshit is that any information you upload to your WellHello account is going to be harvested and used elsewhere. Email addresses, personal information, even pictures. So, if the guys behind WellHello make another dating app, you might find your own face on there as a bot.


I really didn't expect this WellHello review to be so negative, but honestly, it's the most hideous dating platform on the market.

If I had to give WellHello a final review rating, it would be lower than zero. The site is awful from start to finish. Avoid like the plague. You've got more chance of getting laid through literally any other online dating app or site.

For dating, try the big names like POF or OK Cupid. For instant hookups, try Tinder or FuckLocal. Say goodbye to Well Hello, because it's nothing but a waste of time.

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