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Black Women Love Sex

Yes they do. It's almost at science at this point.

If this sounds like a generalization, then we can only apologize. However, the stats show that darker women are much more sexually active than their white peers. Not only that, but they've got a much higher sex drive too. Wonder why that is? Well, it's got a lot to do with their cultural views on sex and relationships.

Black women are considered the fighters of their race. Indeed, black women might be the most oppressed, sexualized minorty group out there (even more so than ethnic men). Therefore, they've learned to fight for what's important to them and stand up to what they care about. They know that their views matter.

Sure, but how does this relate to sex? Well, because black women have a cultural dependence on being forceful and pro-active, this translates to their bedroom antics too. Darker babes have confidence and attitude, and that means if they want sex, they're going to get it. They're not your average white princess who waits around for her knight to come by, black girls will get out there and find a dick to ride without hesitation.

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You'll find thousands of free porn videos starring mocha-skinned sex kittens all over the big name sites like Pornhub, Xhamster and XNXX. But what about sites dedicated purely to darker divas getting dicked hard? Well luckily, there's plenty of those too.

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There are three ways to hook up with a woman of colour tonight. Two are hard, and one is easy as fuck. Let's look at the two hard ways first of all.

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Secondly, try the standard hookup apps like Tinder. But be warned, there's not a lot of dark-skinned delights on there. Unfortunately, the userbase on Tinder, OKCupid and POF is overwhelmingly white. Luscious dark girls are getting their cock fixes elsewhere - but the question is, where?

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