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'That's what I love about these college girls, man. I get older but they stay the same age.'

Matthew McConaughey couldn't have said it better. College girls are young, wild and full of life, so you just know that they're going to be frisky energizer bunnies behind closed doors. Any girl who has youth on her side is bound to be experimental, eager to please and ride dick like pornstars desperate to show off their skills.

Not only are college girls overflowing with youthful vitality and pizzazz, but they're sexy in a way which older women just aren't. They've got hot young bodies, perfect for getting to grips with. They still have velvet-soft skin, unaffected by wrinkles or dry patches. And since they're from a different generation, you can bet your ass that college girls can show you a thing or two about sexual adventure.

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The first and most obvious thing about college girls is that they're young. Men are genetically hardwired to be attracted to younger girls as it's related to our primal urges. Teens have the longest remaining child-bearing years left, so our animalistic tendencies subconsciously tell us we want to impregnate them. But genetics aside, young girls are just hot.

Putting youth aside for a second, girls who are in college are doubly sexy because college is known for being a time in people's lives when they go crazy. Stories of college girls fucking and sucking like pornstars are rife in every campus in the world. Tales of sex, orgies and all manner of adult related naughtiness can be overheard no matter where you go, which tells you that there's a lot of college girls fucking big cocks and getting nasty out there.

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