Cityxguide is dead - New app allows local users to find and fuck each other within 24 hours.

Everything You Need To Know About CityxGuide

Oh, Backpage, how our lives are never the same without you. Sex workers and clients alike have been lost since new U.S. laws have put Backpage to bed alongside the business of pleasure online. Now more than ever it feels next to impossible to find the person you’ve been dreaming of tonight. But with reliable sites like CityxGuide in our corner, looking for escorts has never been easier.

For those who've never used before, it's an escort directory much like Backpage was, and it's packed with sex workers of every kind from all over the world. From classically-beautiful babes to kinky young teens and even an amateur porn star or two, CityxGuide is a pussy lover's paradise. If you're looking to get laid in quick time, you'll find the escorts of your dreams on here. There's no need to look at porn anymore when sites like this can guarantee sex in a matter of hours.

First Impressions is the crème de la crème of escorts sites. First of all, there are multiple ad boards specifically for escorts based in cities in different states. A lot of escorts sites can be a little out of whack when it comes to geographical positioning, but doesn't have that problem.

Tired of thumbing through all of Alabama when you’re just looking for the cuties of Dothan? Your browsing days are over – this site is made for you. CityxGuide doesn’t bother with a ton of bells and whistles either. Instead, it keeps things simple, with lists for different countries, states, and cities around the globe. With nothing more complicated than that, CityxGuide knows they have what you need and are happy to connect you with all the escorts within a 5, 10 or 20 mile radius.


For free, you can click on the pages and look through the available escorts in your area. When you select a city, you’ll be redirected to a list page chock full of ads in reverse chronological order, the most recent one posted at the top of the list. Depending on the kind of area you live in, the ads will feature a diverse array of categories, like services, locations, experiences, and demographics. Odds are, you’ll find a service you’ll love. 

When you click an ad that interests you, get ready for tantalizing pictures of some of the cutest escorts in town - and they mean business. These ads feature contact information, locations, services, and details right down to their tattoo count. A good chunk of escorts even advertise their prices, so you can know right off the bat if a cutie is in your spending range.

A lot of the ads are also for massage parlors that offer happy endings, and every once and awhile, you can find a dominatrix ready to give you a little pain and pleasure combination. The number of different escorts you'll find on CityxGuide is incredible, with everything from standard escorts to more niche services. Some of the escorts are just horny housewives looking for extra-marital fun, while some are amateur porn models looking for extra money on the side. These sites are also a haven of young, fresh teens looking to indulge in some light phone sex.

It's not just escorts on offer either. also offers live cams, phone sex, sugar baby ads, and much more – in theory. In reality, these buttons just redirect you to other legit sites like Adult Friend Finder. The only extra feature that actually keeps you on this webpage is the comprehensive strip club section, which lets you search by area and gives you details like rates for covers, lap dances, and drinks.

For those of you interested in creating an ad, you can sign up for a simple membership and choose from categories including phone sex, domination, web sex, phone sex, escorts, and body rubs. You can add as many or as few details as you’d like, including measurements, tattoos, prices, services offered, incalls or outcalls, and more. From there, you’ll post your ad in the appropriate city, and start waiting for the clients to roll on in. 


For clients, anonymity is key. Because of that, doesn’t waste time with membership, and access to all this titillating information is totally free of charge. Even accessing their stripclub database is free – a real perk in the world of pay-to-play sex sites. You rarely get an escorts site which is free.

If you're an escort and you’re looking to create an ad for your own services offer, you’re also in luck (up to a point). Ads for escorts are free, but paid upgrades help your ad find its way to the top of your city’s search page. These upgrades are where the money starts pouring out. Expect to pay $5.00 for 1 hour with your ad at the top. Unfortunately, doesn’t offer a discount for more hours, so a full day will cost you $120.00. Yikes. To keep your bill low, stick to certain times of the day you think you’ll have more success. And make sure to list yourself in as many categories as you can.

If you want to auto repost your ad to the top for an hour at the same time daily, offers a plan for that at the same price point as before. Alternatively, you can also pay for your ad to be sponsored, making it a larger thumbnail on the main page. This is a good option at only $4.00 for a week.

Again, only the escorts looking to make some cash have to pay a dime.If you’re a regular John looking to get laid, don’t even sweat the price tag.


You won't find a better escorts site than CityxGuide. It works, it’s functional, it’s straightforward, and the sheer number of categories make finding your perfect escorts a breeze. For starters, I’m thrilled by how much detail the escorts can showcase in their ads. You can really see everything about them. This level of care helps the clients know exactly what’s on offer before getting down to business. 

And although this site seems too good to be true, it’s the real deal. Most people who use this site (workers and clients alike) report huge success in making a connection. This online thumbs up really makes stand out from the pack. The site is simple to use too, sort of like the Craigslist of escorts and porn.

If all that weren’t enough, it’s totally free for clients, and if an escort wants, they can go payment-free as well. It's legit one of the most straightforward sites you'll ever find.


Honestly, there’s a whole lot to love with, and not a lot that raises an eyebrow. Of course, although the majority of ads on here are for real, you can still run the risk of encountering scams, so look out. Ask questions. A good way to verify that a worker is legit is to ask them for a link to other places they post their services. By being direct, polite, and professional to the workers, you’re setting yourself up for a good and safe time.

One small downside is that the site can be a little clunky if you're using the sites on a phone, but it's not a huge deal. You can still find all the information you need, whether you're on a phone, laptop or tablet.


Long story short, this site is the bees knees. Don’t wait – you can be grinding up on the escort or dominatrix of your dreams . Or maybe you want something a little lighter, like some cam action or phone sex? Either way, what’re you waiting for? Put the porn down and see some real action tonight.