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Is Spdate The New Tinder? Honest Review

Dating sites - how many do we need? Ever since Tinder came along and changed the dating world forever, countless other sites and apps have tried to piggyback off its success.

Some have gone down well, and others haven't been quite so lucky. With the overload of new dating sites on the scene, it can be difficult to find out which one works for you. Well, we can't tell you outright which one to pick, but we can help you learn a thing or two about which one might be more beneficial.

Spdate is one such new site, but how does it compare to its peers? Let's take a look at the highs and lows of what this site offers. Read on for our Spdate review.

First Impressions

Spdate has both a website and an app, and both come across as very professional. It's got a simple black and white theme and its layout is very simplistic. It advertises itself as a hookup site, much like Tinder, and includes much of the same features.

Sites like this usually have a bunch of sample profile pictures on the homepage so you can get a flavor of the kind of people on the site. Luckily, Spdate doesn't have that, which I saw as a positive. I personally find it a red flag because sites like that are usually loaded with scammers and fake profiles, so it gave me a little hope.

Registering on the site is free and easy and can be done a number of ways. Spdate offers the option to register via or email or your Facebook / Google profile to save time .


Right away, I got crazy Tinder deja vu. Almost everything you see on Spdate.com is a carbon copy of Tinder, just with a different color scheme. No problem there, right? Tinder was successful for a reason, so it only makes sense that some sites would mimic it as closely as possible.

Once you've registered and verified your age (which is automatic if you sign up via Facebook or Google), you need to create your profile. It's just a matter of filling in a short bio, uploading a maximum of 10 pictures and then you're ready to get going.

First, you'll hit the Discovery tab, which is where you can set the parameters for the kind of people you want to meet. Age range, gender, distance, location and so forth. Once you're done, you'll be given your matches to begin swiping. For me, this is where things fell down.

Most of the profiles which I matched with seemed a little... too good to be true. The girls were hot, their profile pictures were flawless, and their bios were all a little generic. It seemed that very few of them had much of a personality. Within a few minutes, I pretty much confirmed that a lot of these profiles weren't of real girls. Another dead giveaway was that I matched with 90% of them.

It was a definite bummer, although, there were no doubt some real girls hidden in there. Once you've matched with someone, you can immediately began chatting with them, but you can only few a handful of their pictures. If you want to see their entire gallery, you need to upgrade your membership. Free chatting is text-only, whereas voice chat is only able for premium users (and the quality isn't the best). It doesn't offer video suppot.

Perhaps worst of all, however, is the constant barrage of third-party ads. Every time I clicked something, I'd be taken to a porn site, an escort site or some kind of adult-oriented page. It was incredibly frustrating.


The premium upgrade for Spdate.com starts at $39.99 per month and goes to $49.99 for three months. The premium membership actually offers very little extra. All it does is open up unlimited gallery browsing. Pretty much everything else on the site is free anyway, so there's almost no incentive to upgrade - especially for the steep price.


At first, I thought Spdate had a lot going for it. But after spending an hour on the Spdate app, I realized there's almost nothing of use here. There are only two positives I found, and both of them are effectively useless in the grand scheme.

Firstly, there's the easy registration process. It takes around a minute at most. Secondly, there's the fact that messaging is free, but it has no use since there's no point in messaging fake users. The site claims to have been active for a number of years, so the low active user base seems even more suspicious.


Where to start? To begin with, most of the information on the front page is either embellished or a total lie. It claims to have 500,000 active users at any one time, and given how quickly I ran out of matches, that's almost certainly bullcrap. If you dig in deeper, Spdate.com also claims that its user base is 75% males. Genuine dating sites are usually 55% males, so you can imagine how difficult it is getting a hookup through this platform (even if it wasn't a scam).

The heavy use of third-party addons was so extreme that it crashed my phone multiple times. The constant stream of pop-ups advertising REAL WOMEN NEAR YOU was a constant distraction, to the point that I became so annoyed I deleted my account.

When you first create your account, the Spdate terms of service claims that it 'uses staff members to bolster its numbers', and that you may be contacted by a 'staff account' offering you regular upgrade deals. Sure enough, right before I deleted my account I had four messages, all trying to sell me various products. Annoying to say the least.

If this wasn't bad enough, there's a complete lack of a search feature on Spdate, although in fairness, what's the point of searching if there're no real people to find anyway?

Lastly, although chat is free, it's mostly just populated by fake women sending you fake nudes. If you try and talk to them, they just send you more pictures or disappear entirely. My chat log is full of selfies but no substance.


The final word of our Spdate review? Avoid Spdate like the plague. It has no use whatsoever. Not a single one. It might be the worst dating site to ever grace my mobile phone. It has no content, no activity, no available users, no online support, no safety measures to avoid malware, and worst of all - no access to real women.

You'll end up with hundreds of Spdate.com messages in your inbox, but they'll be from adult sites trying to sell you shit you'll never use. For people out there who are looking for free and easy sex, choose another dating site. There are thousands which are better than Spdate. This is just a platform to scam you out of money and make you click on its affiliate links. Avoid.